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Kitchen Remodel: Quartz or Granite

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If you have been planning on a kitchen remodel or even just sprucing up your major appliances and surfaces, chances are you’ve been making decisions about the color scheme for your kitchen and the materials you should be using for upgrades. However, even minor remodels come with a high price tag, and finding ways to cut down your budget without sacrificing quality can be tricky. While appliances can be purchased on sale at prime times throughout the year, they should never really be cheap if you want them to last for more than a handful of years. One way to cut down on your overall cost without giving up the quality of a beautiful new kitchen is to switch from granite countertops to quartz. There are incredible benefits when you choose quartz countertop colors over granite and the expert team at Vadara Quartz is always here to help you make the best decision for your kitchen renovations. Visit them in-store or online today to see how magnificent your new space can look and continue reading to find out the benefits from choosing quartz countertops!

The Benefits of Quartz vs. Granite Countertops

Your kitchen remodel should be the perfect blend of beautiful design and affordable styles, and with Vadara’s selection of quartz countertop colors, it can be! In addition to being an altogether less expensive option than granite, quartz countertops are also more durable, and easier to maintain overall. Granite counters are created from a natural piece of rock and as a result are only available at a certain level of durability, and in a select number of natural colors. In contract, quartz counters are created with a mix of materials in a factory that can produce a wide array of colors and patterns, and they can create a product that is able to withstand substantially more wear and tear. Granite countertops should be resealed as often as once a year to retain their sturdy structure and shine, but quartz counters are both scratch and stain resistant because of their production process.

While granite countertops will cost you quite a bit up front, the true cost lies in the maintenance of each counter you choose to install in your home. If granite counters are not properly maintained throughout the years as well as on a day to day basis, they will not last you as long as quartz counters. When your granite is not serviced, the investment you have made in choosing this material will not pay off, as you will have to deal with replacing sections due to stains, scratches or accidents that could break the corners. Sealing your granite counters can help combat these problems, but this is another service fee on top of the overall price to even install the counters during your initial renovations. Alternatively, quartz countertops are naturally resistant to scratches, breaks and stains, and they do not require a yearly service to seal them for protection. If you are concerned about not being able to match your desired kitchen decor with quartz counters, rest assured that the newest line of quartz countertop colors includes everything from basic neutrals to bright colors like green and pink. This makes quartz countertops more available to a larger audience for a significantly better price than granite. If you are ready to begin your home renovation project and finally have the kitchen of your dreams, call or visit Vadara Quartz today to see what options they have in store for your space. Browse their large collection of quartz countertop colors and styles to find the right look for you and achieve a beautiful new kitchen at an amazing price!