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What Is A Transitional Living Room?

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custom couch in transitional living room

For many homeowners, the first thing they think of when they are planning to decorate their new home is what kind of style they are looking for. Style is typically determined by size, shape, design, and color of furniture and embellishments. However, A. Rudin professionals know style to be a lot more. Whether you are looking for a custom couch or outfitting a home bar, you want a cohesive aesthetic.

It’s not just about the way the room is decorated, but the type of room that can determine the particular tone or theme you’re hoping to achieve. One of the most complex yet highly sought after rooms in the home is the transitional living room, which is really a combination of many different styles to create its own unique flavor.

Today, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of the transitional living room to help you gain a better understanding of this beautiful type of room. Is a transitional living room for you? Read on to find out!

Textbook Definition

When you get down to the basics, the real definition of a transitional living room is a room that combines both traditional and contemporary styles to create something that can be appreciated throughout the eras. At least, that’s what our friends at HGTV have to say. And we think they’re right; in fact, combining old and new styles is one of the best ways to ensure that your living room will be timeless and classic forever.

That’s the essence of a transitional living room, but how can you get started decorating one? Start out with these simple ideas to really get into the mindset of the transitional living room.

Keep it Simple

There’s one thing that both old and new styles have in common: the simplicity. The key to transforming your space into a beautiful transitional living room is not to overwhelm the senses with too many colors or textures. A room like this thrives off of natural earth tones. You can even go in a monochromatic direction if you prefer, incorporating only whites and grays with a few accents.

Accessorizing should be approached with the same mentality. Don’t over-accessorize; rather, find key items that will enhance the look and feel of the room without creating too much clutter.

That being said, make sure not to have too much of one thing. Not all of the furniture should be rounded in the corners, or not all of it should be straight. Combine curves with geometric lines so that they complement each other, always creating a yin and yang-styled balance for perfect composure.

Stay Neutral

It can’t be emphasized enough that staying neutral is key. Decorating Den backs up this advice by suggesting to keep things black and white while adding the occasional color for a real pop. Classy and elegant are two tones to keep in the forefront of your mind when designing a room like this.

Designing a transitional living room may seem like a complex task at first, but once you understand that less is more and that you don’t need a ton of colors or textures to really wow your guests, you can get the hang of it in no time.

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