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Kitchen Redesign Mistakes To Avoid

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Kitchen redesign mistakes to avoid

The kitchen is where most of your home’s foot traffic likely is. Everyone has to eat or cook meals at some point! Between cooking dinner, having meals around the kitchen table, packing lunches, and having your morning cup of coffee, the kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic. Because the kitchen is so busy, a good redesign can vamp up the current design of your kitchen. Having your kitchen area feel comfortable, look inviting, and be user-friendly is essential. Most designers suggest a redesign at least every ten years as trends quickly change. Below you will find some tips and tricks to avoid the most common kitchen redesign mistakes people make.


This is likely the most important step in your kitchen redesign. Figure out what your theme is and how you want the overall design aesthetic to look. You need to inventory what you want to keep the same and what you want to change. Write down a list of what you want entirely replaced, what you want to be spruced up, and what you want completely gone. From there, you can assess your costs, plan, and ensure your design is cohesive. This step can also help you with determining which parts you can do on your own and which you will need support on.


Cabinetry and countertops need to mesh well aesthetically. People often spend a lot of time and money on the perfect color and material combos for their cabinets and countertops. However, it’s important to remember that you also need to include the backsplash. While it’s just the small space between the two areas, it is often overlooked and can truly impact your overall design aesthetic.

Following All of the Current Trends

Following trends can lead to kitchen redesign mistakes at times. You don’t want to follow all of the most recent trends, or you’ll quickly have an outdated looking kitchen. Follow one or two that you really love and then customize your design to your own style. You don’t want a kitchen that looks like it belongs in a specific outdated decade too quickly. You also want it to be your true style as you’re the one who is using it every day.


Countertops need to be functional and look good. You also need to be sure and account for enough counter space, as you’ll likely need more than you think. Between countertop appliances and the need for functional space to cook, be sure you don’t short change yourself on counter space. In addition, countertops are not the part of your kitchen that you should scrimp on. Installing new countertops can be time-consuming. Invest now, so you don’t have to replace it for a while.


You likely use your kitchen often, so don’t forget about functionality. It needs to have enough storage, enough counter space, and fully functional for your unique needs. You don’t want the cabinet your garbage is in to be behind the sink. You also don’t want the fridge opposite the main pantry. Think about how you utilize the kitchen space and design you already have, and focus on how you can improve that.

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