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Your Go-to Dinner Party Checklist

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Are you getting ready to host a gorgeous dinner party at your home, but aren’t sure where to start? Don’t stress! With this checklist from the A. Rudin team, you’ll impress each guest with your decorations, menu, and entertainment. Simply follow along with our go-to dinner party checklist to ensure that your incredible evening goes off without a hitch! For more help on hosting, styling, and luxury furniture, call the A. Rudin offices today, or check out A. Rudin online now.

Set the Mood

Whether your dinner party is set to include a few select friends, or you are planning a larger get-together, your decorations and furnishings say a lot about who you are as a person, and it can be overwhelming to get right. Your first step should be to choose a room where eating and drinking will mostly occur. If you have a dedicated dining room, this can be an easy choice, especially if you have enough seating for every guest. If there is no specific room in your home that can easily be identified for your dinner party, think about the flow of your home’s layout and try to pick the largest room that everyone will be drawn to gather in. When your room has been chosen, it’s important to examine your furniture, seating, and decorations. Seating should fit all invited guests and should be comfortable enough that dinner is not difficult to eat, and guests don’t feel like they are cut off from other party members. Any decorations should embrace a warm, inviting mood, as you want all guests to feel a sense of peace and welcoming when they arrive. Try using unscented candles throughout the room to give your space a beautiful glow without clashing with your dinner preparations.

Pay Attention to Your Table

After your furnishings, decor and overall ambiance have been established, it’s time to look at your dinner table settings. For a successful dinner party, you’ll want to be sure to incorporate a cohesive theme between your dining accessories and decorations. Your table decorations can either follow a theme, or match the overall decor of your home, or be completely its own design! The possibilities are endless, so try finding some examples of table decorations that you like online, and have an expert help you with the rest if you get stuck! For an exceptional eye for detail to help you plan your next dinner party decor, call the team at A. Rudin or visit them online today!

What’s for Dinner?

After your decoration and ambiance have been set, the most important part of your dinner party is dinner of course! Depending on what kind of dinner party you have, the food can range from a three-course meal to a potluck gathering. Plan to at least have drinks and an entree prepared for your guest and add courses depending on the type of party you’re throwing. If you plan to gather for a long time, you may want to consider adding appetizers or a dessert, (or both!), to your menu for the night. Your guests will appreciate your hospitality, and it will give you a chance to impress with your cooking skills! No matter what kind of dinner party you’re throwing, always try to incorporate a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere so that your guests feel happy and relaxed throughout the evening. Check each of these items off your checklist to ensure that your party is memorable and fun for every guest! If you still need help planning or decorating the perfect event, let the team at A. Rudin help when you call or visit online today!