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Making Your Bathroom Energy Efficient

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If you’ve been looking for more ways to go green and be energy efficient in your home, remodeling your bathroom into a more sustainable room is a great place to start. There are various appliances in your bathroom that are not environmentally friendly. Running water is a huge resource that is wasted every day from too many showers, and the use of sink water and flushing water in the toilet. The energy used to ventilate bathrooms and light them is also a huge drain on resources. Whether you’re remodeling your current bathroom or completely renovating a new space, the repipe specialists in Orange from Henrik Plumbing can help!

Bathtub and Shower

The easiest way to be more energy efficient in your bathroom is to cut down on water waste by limiting the number of bathes or showers taken per day, and minimizing the time spent using the running water. Try to take no longer than 15-minute showers if you can. Some people are quick to dismiss the use of a bathtub since some can be quite large and require a few gallons to fill the tub. However, it is more prudent to fill one bathtub than to take a shower longer than 20 minutes, and if you have children, you save water by bathing them rather than using the shower. For a simple energy saver in the shower, switch up any outdated heads for newer models that are designed to deliver powerful streams with less waste.


A quick way to reduce water waste is to start paying attention to how much runs out of your sink in a given day. If you’re washing dishes, turn the water off between wipes and use your sponge and soap with the water it has already absorbed. When you’re brushing your teeth, make sure the water isn’t running unless you’re using it to rinse. Replacing your faucet can be a better step in the long run as newer models allow for a steadier stream that feels like more water than is actually running out. Removing and replacing faucet pipes can be a difficult and complicated process, so if you don’t have the experience to do it yourself, call a repipe specialist in Orange and avoid the mess and mistakes!

Lights and Vents

Venting your bathroom from shower steam can be a costly effort. For a greener approach, look for venting systems that are specially designed to use less energy but are still effective for keeping your bathroom dry. These venting systems are not industrial grade because you don’t need them for the size of most bathrooms and switching out models can help you severely cut down on waste. If you’re looking to find a more nature friendly way to light your bathroom, start small by switching out the bulbs in any lighting units with lower watt bulbs and more energy efficient products that are sold in most department and hardware stores. This is truly the only step that should be taken without the help of a certified professional, since lighting and the wires they are comprised of require an expert eye for successful re-wiring. If you’re looking for new lighting and new venting systems, try to find both in one product and you can check both off your list.

Repipe Specialist in Orange

Consult with Henrik Plumbing before attempting to do major remodeling to pipes or wires and remember to start small by turning off running water when you’re not using it and shopping for newer, more efficient energy saving models on all your bathroom appliances.