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What Your Furniture Says About You

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What furniture says about you.

Everyone has their own unique sense of style, and that is what makes interior design so appealing. But the furniture you choose to decorate your home with can actually say a lot about your personality, interests, and habits. Your furniture tells a story of your mood and your reflection.

What Your Furniture Says About You

Here is what our luxury furniture experts have to say about the way your furniture can reflect your whole personality.

A Busy Desk is a Busy Mind

Most people look down on a cluttered desk. If everything isn’t pristine and perfectly organized, it starts to look unprofessional…right?

This is not always the case. Interior design professionals notice that it is actually a good idea to have a little bit of clutter happening on your desk. Why? Because it gives the onlooker insight into your busy life and schedule. An empty desk means you have nothing going on. But a stack of papers, some files, and pencils strewed about? You must be in the middle of a big project, and you’re headed for success!

Flexible Wall Decorations, Flexible Life

How do you dress up your walls? From traditional paintings to hanging decorations, there are plenty of ways to make the vertical spaces in your home look unique. But the way you decorate your walls can actually say a lot about your personality traits.

Someone who uses alternative wall decorations, such as hanging lamps, planters, or 3D art, is someone who is more flexible when it comes to change. You may be the kind of person who welcomes new challenges in life and is always looking for ways to spice things up differently.

A Mix of Old and New is Good

Getting your hands on a set of luxury furniture is one of the best ways to increase the value and style of your home. However, that doesn’t mean you have to completely get rid of the old stuff. Vintage designs are also stylish, and can show that you have a deep appreciation for styles both old and new. It’s good to have a personal style that allows you to play around with different things. And just because something is vintage doesn’t mean it’s high-end. In fact, here are the best ways to combine luxury and vintage furniture professionally!

Trendy Style Means You Pay Attention

Do you know what the latest fashions and styles are? Do you want to convey those trends with your own home furniture? It so, that means you pay attention – and you have ambition. You aren’t shy about your goals, and you arrange your furniture in a way that allows you to manifest that energy for success. In our book, this is a good sign that you know both yourself and your furniture.

In other words, you know how to be your authentic self while still paying attention to what the world sees. You would make a great team player, and you are a natural-born leader.

You Share Because You Care

How is your living room arranged? 바카라사이트 Did you naturally put your chairs and couches in a way that would make it easy for people to face each other and talk? If so, then you are a social butterfly, and being able to be a good host is something that is important to you. This is something that can be seen from the way you lay out your furniture and the type of furniture you would use to help make social situations more comfortable.

The best way to make a lasting impression on your guests and family members is by arranging your high end luxury furniture to face itself, rather than facing a TV or some kind of entertainment system. That way, your guests know that you are always ready to party.

Get Furniture that Speaks to Your Style!

Your furniture and the way you arrange it can really say a lot about your personality. From high-end living room furniture to luxury living room designs, you can find what you need with A. Rudin. Reach out to our luxury furniture experts today to schedule a living room design consultation.