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What Could Be Lurking in Your Kitchen Cabinets?

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What is lurking in your kitchen cabinets?

While having a toxin-free living space is ideal, so many products, furniture, and surfaces have substances that may be harmful to you and your family. The kitchen is a hotspot for problems as food preparation requires cleaning products that may include harmful substances. Your kitchen cabinets may also pose an issue as you do not know what could be lurking in your kitchen cabinets. They store your food, food storage items, and everything remains in a continuously dark environment. Below you will find out what you need to look out for in your kitchen to ensure you and your family are safe.

What Could Be Lurking in Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Are you wondering what could be lurking in your kitchen cabinets? Let’s find out.


Kitchen cabinets and certain flooring made from pressed wood have glue in it that contains formaldehyde. The substance is a carcinogen that releases harmful gases from pressed wood. Without proper ventilation, like in a cabinet, long-term exposure to formaldehyde can cause issues. Things like irritation to your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, and it has even been linked to leukemia. If possible, opt for cabinets made from natural wood materials.


If you leave your cleaning supplies in your cabinets like most people do, you’ll have to watch out for fragrances. Most supplies like dish soap, hand soap, and countertop cleaners all have some sort of fragrance in them. The term “fragrance” in an ingredient list could mean over 3,000 different things. These often have chemicals that are carcinogenic. Opt for unscented supplies or purchase products that use essential oils as their added scent.

Radon Countertops:

Radon can be present in homes with granite countertops. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer and is an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas. Some granite contains concentrations of uranium, radium, or thorium naturally. These elements decay into radon and can be harmful for you and your family. If you are concerned this may be in your home, purchase a radon test kit to be safe. If your test comes back positive, seek professional help.


BPA, BPS, and BPF are all considered bisphenols and are found in plastic storage containers. They can also be found on the inner lining of canned foods. These are chemicals that can cause issues with your thyroid and reproductive system, in addition to putting you at a higher risk for obesity, heart disease, and cancer. If you can, use glass containers instead of plastic.

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Take Advantage Of Winter Cleaning Your Home for the New Year

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We have all heard of spring cleaning, but deep cleaning a house only once a year just isn’t enough. With all the snow, rain, mud, dirt, and leaves you can track in during the fall and winter, it’s time that winter cleaning becomes popular as well. There is a multitude of things that can make your house dirty and dusty in the winter that we don’t deal with in the spring and summer. In fact, the feeling of clean can be beneficial to all homeowners any time of the year. Be sure to keep your house as clean as possible by using the steam cleaning professionals at Steam Pro.

Winter specific situations that are making the house dirty

You may notice that the house gets a bit dustier in the winter than in the spring. The main reason for this is two-fold. The culprits are the heater and the cold outside.

The heater most likely was not run for six months, so the dust has collected in the vents and ducts. Everyone knows the distinctive smell of the first time you turn on the heater for winter and the dust starts burning. Well, that smell also means that dust is being sent all over your house.

In conjunction with this, the cold weather means that you are keeping the doors and windows shut more than in the spring, which traps the dust. You may not be getting all the pollens from outside coming into the house, but you are also not allowing this trapped dust to escape either.

The fireplace is a big wintertime favorite in most houses, which creates a lot of ash and soot. The rain and snow in the winter create an environment outside for shoes to track in more dirt. Especially with kids or pets, this can become a huge problem if kept unchecked. 

Tips for keeping your house tidy all winter

There are preventative and maintenance measures you can take to keep the house clean during the winter. Replacing filters and cleaning the furnace once a quarter will stop the spreading of dust. This will also improve the air quality in your house, and the efficiency of these appliances.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the vents and intakes throughout the house, and dust them every few months as well. Enforce a no-shoes policy in the house to keep the dirt outside where it belongs. Along with this policy should be a no bare feet outside rule as well. It doesn’t do any good keeping the dirty shoes out of the house if you allow dirty feet to walk the carpets anyway.

Removing clutter and adopting a minimal aesthetic will decrease the amount of places that dust can settle. This makes the house much easier to clean too. Finally, be sure to keep your drains unclogged. The cold weather can create an environment where clogged drains could get worse, and even possibly burst.

Why winter cleaning is a good idea 

No matter how hard we try, the house will not stay clean forever. Dirt is a part of life that we all have learned to live with. But we don’t need to settle for living in a dirty house anymore. Since replacing carpet and rugs would be very costly and inefficient, use the alternative that is just as good.

Having your house deep cleaned would not be complete without the carpets, rugs, and couches getting steamed. These are places that trap dirt and bacteria the most, and now Steam Pro can make you feel like it is all brand new again. Call them today to schedule a winter cleaning, and bring in the New Year feeling fresh, clean, and revitalized. Especially after the holiday season, with many parties and fantastic events, your house will benefit from a deep clean now more than ever.