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How to Get Rid of Carpet Indentations

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A beautiful carpet can often be less visually appealing when pesky carpet indentations distract from their quality. From regular cleaning methods to dentation prevention, there is actually a decent amount of thought and effort that goes into maintaining a beautiful carpet.

Preventing Carpet Indentations

Often times the weight of furniture can compress the fibers in carpet, and leave a dent. One way to try to prevent this is to place the furniture legs on a coaster. This can reduce or prevent indentations because furniture coasters distribute the heavyweight of furniture over a wider area. It’s also a good idea to regularly vacuum your entire carpet and move aside the furniture when necessary to access hard-to-reach areas. Every month or so, nudge the furniture a few inches to the left or right in order to prevent the furniture from being in the same exact spot for prolonged periods, thus leaving dents. Dentations often happens because furniture is left in the same place for extended periods.

Removing Carpet Indentations

Sometimes you cannot avoid creating carpet dents, and usually, this is somewhat inevitable.   Often times the weight of furniture can compress the fibers in carpet, and leave a dent. You may be able to get them out on your own by trying some of these methods.

Ice is surprisingly successful at ridding carpets of indentations. Apply ice cubes to the compressed carpet area, and allow it to melt. The water will occupy the space of the indentation, and hopefully, the fibers will soak up the water and raise to remove the indent. Dry off the excess water with a towel, and use a utensil to raise the fibers.

Damp towels can also be used to remove dents. You will want to use an iron on medium heat and glide it over the towel to warm it up. You will not want to directly iron the carpet as this could burn and permanently damage the carpet. Applying the damp towel to the carpet may reduce the appearance of a carpet indentation. After applying the damp towel, vacuum the area to create heat and raise and thicken the fibers.

A blow dryer is another good option. The heat can add volume to the fibers, just like it does with long hair. Apply water to the area and then blow dry it dry, which will hopefully add “fluff” to the carpet fibers, and minimize any dents.

Consult professionals if do-it-yourself removal methods aren’t doing the job. Professionals have many years of experience, as well as the proper tools and equipment to leave your carpet dent-free. They will be able to help you consider your options regarding achieving a more beautiful carpet. Do your research and find the most reputable companies in your area. For example, Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners is a carpet cleaning company in the LA area that has been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, ensuring their quality of service. In addition to the carpet, they will be able to resolve your problems with indentation. If the indents are severe, you may need to consider getting that area of the carpet replaced entirely. (They also cleaning services for hardwood flooring, upholstery, rugs, and more.)

Enjoy your new carpet. Carpets create a warmer, more comfortable space. Enjoy your new carpet and keep your living areas clean to create a welcoming space for guests. Consider asking guests to take their shoes off when entering to keep your carpet in pristine condition, and vacuum regularly to maintain its cleanliness. Treat stains as quickly as possible to increase the likelihood of their removal, and be aware of dents due to furniture placement. A beautiful carpet leads to a beautiful, happy home.

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Hosting a House Party? Here’s How to Prepare

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Are you getting ready to host a house party soon? It can be overwhelming to think about all of the details that need to be in order before you can get started, but luckily with help from STeam Pro, you’ll have help getting your house sparkling for your guests! See all of the ways you can prep your home for a great party that your guests will remember forever with our guide of insider tips, then call today to schedule your professional carpet cleaning with Steam Pro now!


No matter what time you plan for your party to begin, there should always be some kind of food and drink available for your guests. If you’re hosting a dinner party, the menu will naturally be a bit larger to accommodate for a few courses, whereas an afternoon get together may only require light snacks. Take into consideration any dietary restrictions your guests may have, especially if your party will be occurring during a typical eating hour, and adjust accordingly to ensure that everyone is comfortable for the duration of the event.

If there will be children in attendance, be sure to have safe, kid-friendly food available for them as well. The menu you choose can be influenced by the time of day that your party is occurring, as well as the time of year and the theme of the party. If you are throwing a summer house party, your menu may be more likely to include barbecue options and iced beverages instead of a winter party where a warmer menu may be served. If your party has a theme, your food and drinks can be incorporated to seamlessly fit your theme and decor.

Decorations and Home Sprucing

Once you have chosen a menu and theme for your party, it’s time to make sure your home is clean and decorated appropriately! Choosing a theme can be difficult, but it’s not always necessary unless you are celebrating a holiday or birthday. Fun theme parties include murder mystery parties, game night parties, costume parties or really anything that gives your party a unique quality! If you choose to adhere to a theme, be sure to decorate your house in accordance with your choice. For example, murder mystery parties are always more special when you add in subtle hints of ambiance, such as flickering candle lights, ominous music, and sometimes even an actor to play the narrator! But before any of the decorating can begin, you’ll want to make sure your home is spotless for your guests so they feel welcomed and comfortable.

If you’re short on time, try to start with the most common rooms like the kitchen, living room and dining room.

If your party will be held outdoors, be sure to clean off any dusty patio furniture, and give yourself at least a week to tend to any plants you have around the house.

When you plan on barbecuing outdoors, check your equipment to make sure your gas is filled, clean off the interior grates, and make sure you have all of the necessary utensils available to cook.


For indoor cleaning, a good rule of thumb is to always start by dusting off all furniture and accessories around your home before mopping or vacuuming. If you clean your floor before dusting, there may be residual dust that falls onto the floor, and you’ll have to clean all over again. If you have carpeted flooring or rugs inside your home, a simple vacuum job may not be enough to pick up all of the dirt and wear that your carpets have accumulated.

People can often go years without ever getting their flooring deep cleaned, and as a result, can miss early signs of wear and tear on their beautiful rugs and carpeting. When this happens, it can be fruitless to try and deep clean your flooring, and a professional may be your best option. Professional grade carpet cleaning can erase impossible stains, years of dirt build-up, and can even allow for your naturally plush flooring to return to its former glory!

Rug Cleaning in Los Angeles

If your party planning errands have you too busy to schedule a time for professional rug cleaning in Los Angeles. Find out more about all of the highly recommended, professional rug cleaning in Los Angeles. Get your rugs professionally cleaned in time for your next house party when you use the team at Steam Pro today!