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How to Select Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

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Select kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls

There are so many big decisions that come with remodeling a new kitchen. Choosing the layout, cabinets, countertops, and appliances all have a significant impact on the final look of your kitchen. But those little decisions – like final trim colors, drawer knobs, and backsplashes – can also make a huge difference. In fact, selecting cabinet knobs and pulls is a vital part of any remodeling.

Homeowners often ignore those little things until it’s too late. When trying to decide what kind of knobs and pulls to put on your cabinet, take inspiration from our modular kitchens New York specialists who can help you find the perfect pullers for your drawers.

How to Select Cabinet Knobs and Pulls: Knob Vs. Pull

The first decision you can make when deciding on the best types of cabinets and pulls is choosing knobs or pulls. Some drawers and cabinets look better with a handle, while others might make a bigger impact with a knob.

So, how do you know which one to choose? A large part of it depends on what exactly you are attaching the handle to. For example, drawers and cabinets that must be pulled out would benefit more from a pull. A knob may be too difficult to grab onto and pull open multiple times throughout the day.

On the other end of the scale, a knob is good for smaller doors. Think about what you really need to pull open, versus what you can just open like a door. This will help you decide what size and shape of the handle is most convenient for your kitchen cabinets.

You should also consider whether the cabinets will be mounted horizontally or vertically. If you are designing a modern kitchen, you can mount a horizontal cabinet handle that goes well with a minimalist look while providing plenty of function.

Colors and Finishes

Now that you know the general shape and size of your new handles, you must also consider the material and color. This can make a huge difference and can make or break the entire aesthetic look of your kitchen.

Some of the most popular finishes include brushed nickel, brass, and bronze. You can choose from an endless pool of options, although you want to think about what best complements the color palette you already have.

If you have chrome appliances in your kitchen, you might want to go for a solid handle color such as white or black. On the contrary, stainless steel pairs well with satin brass, pewter, and bronze.

Cost and Functionality

Planning is just part of the process. Selecting the right shape and color of handles is important, but you must also keep your budget in mind. What are you willing to spend on a new set of kitchen handles, and what can you afford?

Understanding materials is a big aspect of knowing what you’re paying for. Some options may seem surprisingly affordable, but you’ll end up with cheap products and flaky finishes. Research exactly what you are investing in so that you can find the perfect set of knobs and pulls that will last a good amount of time.

Last, but certainly not least, put functionality above everything. Handles and pulls are often referred to as the “jewelry of the kitchen,” and it is used to adorn and decorate the room. Handles can really add that final pop of color that brings the whole kitchen together. But don’t sacrifice utility for style! You can have handles that are both gorgeous and functional.

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Lighting Design Trends 2020

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With these lighting design trends of 2020 you can tie together your room brilliantly

The lighting you choose has the power to completely transform your home. It is a central aspect of your home design as it sets the mood and atmosphere. You can have an overall aesthetic that matches or lighting that changes the mood as you transition from room to room. Whatever your style is, 2020 has hot new trends that can work to upgrade your home lighting. From soft golds to vintage lighting, there is something for everyone. Below you will find the most talked-about lighting design trends for 2020.

Industrialized Lighting: 

Industrial is coming back and is being referred to as “upgraded industrial” or “modern retro” because they are sleeker metals than ever before. The benefit of the new industrialized look is that it helps modernize the look of your home. It can also add some simplicity and sleekness to an otherwise soft room. The best room to add this kind of lighting to is the kitchen. 

Soft Gold: 

Soft golds can add flair to an otherwise neutral room. It will add versus distract from the overall style aesthetic and provide a soft touch. Focusing on a soft gold that is matted versus shiny can also help with any room transitions between your lighting and overall décor. The benefit of soft gold is that it can mesh with anything from modern urban to farmhouse. The best rooms to add this kind of lighting to are the bedrooms and living room area. 

Vintage Retro: 

Adding Edison-style bulbs to retro lighting fixtures is nostalgic and a new twist on modern classics. Colors from charcoal to deep gold work well with the bulbs. The bulbs are the main focus, as they are bright and welcoming. The benefit of this style is that it is unique and can add depth to the room. The best area to put these lights is your home office or recreation room. 

Less is More: 

Minimalism is making a comeback in 2020 as one of the top lighting design trends. Clean lines, subtle design, and soft colors are more impactful than a grandiose chandelier. Focusing on your lighting being a mood setter versus a centerpiece allows you to keep a modern look with light distraction. The best rooms to put minimalist lighting in are the living room and bedroom areas.


Regular incandescent bulbs can be wasteful, so an efficient alternative includes LED lights. It saves time, saves money, and is eco-friendlier. The benefit of LED is they come in several different sizes, shapes, and colors so you can really be creative with how you utilize them. The best rooms to use these lights in are the children’s bedroom, play area, or recreation room. 

While these 2020 lighting design trends are new and, well, trendy, you can add your own personal style to each of them. Many of these lighting design ideas can be long-lasting and won’t be a fast fad that you’ll need to replace next year. 

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Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors 2020

Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors 2020

Kitchen cabinets are an investment that can last if you choose the right materials and color. While most people opt for white or neutral cabinets, there are so many options that can set your kitchen apart from the rest. Choosing your cabinet color is important because it can ensure that you don’t have to renovate or redecorate for a while. It can also help increase the value of your home in the case you decide to sell. Below you will find some of the top kitchen cabinet colors 2020 has seen trending.

Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors of 2020

  1. Black: While it’s not too far from the simplicity of white, it adds an edge to the overall style of a kitchen. Pitch black cabinets can add depth if you complement it with other colors in your kitchen. For example, you can complement the black with neutral tones on your backsplash or even your countertops.
  2. Two-Tone Cabinets: To avoid being overmatched, you can add some contrast with two-toned cabinets. The best way to accomplish this is to have your lower cabinets a slightly darker hue compared to your upper cabinets. Rustic tones like cream and gray are a great way to keep things neutral without the kitchen looking too dull or monotone. These colors also allow for a smooth transition between the lower cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and upper cabinets.
  3. Mix and Match: A new trend that’s hitting the kitchen world is mixed cabinets that combine natural wood and painted cabinets. Lower wood cabinets that are darker and a lighter painted cabinet on top can add dimension and brighten up the kitchen. While most trends in the past have had all matching cabinets, it can become dull and create a tiresome aesthetic. Adding dimension can even make your kitchen look more spacious. 
  4. All Wood: Wood was out for a while as white and neutrals dominated the kitchen cabinet space. However, wood is coming back as a strong design trend in 2020. Wood is versatile as you can experiment with the type of wood and the finish. 
  5. Pops of Color: One of the significant trends in 2020 is adding a pop of color in your kitchen with one area of the cabinets. For example, you can choose a cream or neutral tone for most of your cabinets, but add a pop of color with the cabinets on the kitchen island. Dark colors like deep blue and green or a bright yellow is a great way to add some dimension to your space.

Updating your kitchen space with new cabinetry can be an excellent investment. It can also completely change and modernize your kitchen. One of the main worries is getting the right color scheme that is complementary and doesn’t clash. 

A color wheel can really help beginners find the right balance. Keep in mind that you will need to mesh the cabinets, backsplash, and countertops. The color wheel is helpful as it can help you match the tones within your desired color scheme. Complementary colors are next to one another on the wheel, and contrasting are opposite one another. 

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