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Benefits of Adding Art to the Office

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concept of benefits of adding art to the office

Business owners and managers are often focused on crunching numbers, meeting deadlines, and hitting quarterly goals. However, there is ample research demonstrating the benefits of adding art to the office. Focusing on your employee’s environment and the space your consumers walk in can have a huge impact on your business.

Benefits of Adding Art to the Office

For some, decorating is a necessity to fill up the space on the walls and make a room look less bare. For others, art is an expression of their personal style. When it comes to the office, most employers are focused on creating a professional space that reflects the image of their field. However, art can transform an office space and offer a number of benefits.

Branding Reinforcement:

Branding is key when it comes to any business. Curating your website, advertising, the way your employees represent themselves, and even how the receptionist answers the phone, are all factors that impact your overall brand. One of the most important factors when it comes to branding is how you present your office space. Architectural photography and commercial wall art have been shown to convey a certain ambience and show your consumers what they can expect from you. They can also assist in making a great first impression when consumers walk into your office.

Provides Inspiration:

Art can have a profound impact on people. It can be a visual representation that inspires, motivates, and provides hope. The mundane aspects of working 9 to 5 can be difficult, so adding inspirational art can serve as a break from the monotony of the workday. It can be helpful to provide your employees with the freedom to choose their own art in their office as each person’s taste is unique to them.

Improves Mood:

Art has been proven to decrease stress and improve one’s mood. Looking at art triggers multiple areas of the brain, including the pleasure center, reward center, and where one processes emotions. Studies have even shown the value of certain types of art on your mood. It has been found that nature images are linked to lower levels of anger in the workplace. Additionally, office artwork in general noticeably reduced stress and made employees feel happier.

Increases Productivity:

Color psychology has been studied for years and can have a serious impact on employee productivity. Blues and greens have been shown to improve focus, and coral and orange assist in boosting energy. Coastal palettes (sandy neutrals, nautical blues, and soft yellows and white) can help with productivity. Pay attention to the colors you choose as they can have a serious impact on your employees.

Employee Satisfaction:

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to art. This is true when it comes to decor and personalizing one’s space. Keeping your employees happy can be beneficial for your business. In fact, employee satisfaction is a serious factor when it comes to retaining your team. One easy way you can keep your employees satisfied is by encouraging them to personalize their workspace. Employees who have the freedom to personalize their own workspace have been found to be 32% more productive. Even further, Harvard Business Review found that employees are more engaged in their position when this occurs.

Increases Creativity:

Art has been proven to boost creativity which can be highly beneficial for any business. In fact, art has been shown to inspire employees. For offices that don’t have a lot of space, art may be on the backburner in terms of priorities. Consider art that is also an erasable office wall covering as it can solve multiple problems with just one product. Not only will employees have a great space to boost their creativity, but the erasable wall covering can also serve as art due to the variety of options available at peerhatch.

Ways to Use Stone in Home Decor

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Image showing ways to use stone in home decor.

There is a reason why stone is one of the most sought-after materials in the home design market. Not only is it beautiful and diverse, but it represents something unique that will stand the test of time. Whether natural or manufactured, stone can convey elegance and sophistication mixed with historical appreciation – all in one space. Let’s look at ways to use stone in home decor.

Ways to Use Stone in Home Decor

Today, our stone decor experts will tell you some of the best ways to use stone in home decor projects, and why sintered stone from Neolith can help you serve all of your functional and aesthetic needs.

Stone Countertops

Probably the most popular way that stone is used in everyday homes is with countertops. Whether your kitchen is large or small, whether you live in a home or an apartment, it is likely that you have some sort of stone countertop in the kitchen and bathroom. Stone countertops add a sense of coolness to the space while giving you a smooth and durable surface to prepare things on. The best kinds of stone countertops stay heat and scratch-resistant for a long life of beauty and function.

Walls and Cladding

Everyone loves an accent wall. Wall cladding can help you expand on the texture and depth of the space. Not to mention, it’s a great conversation piece! Walls made of stone can separate space in a room or create a clear divider between two different functions in the same room. Using natural stone in an indoor space also adds variety to something that would otherwise be too smooth.


According to Architectural Digest, granite, limestone, and artificial materials like sintered stone are the most commonly used stones for flooring. If you want to have a completely new look and feel in your home, you can go the adventurous route that many homeowners are starting to try: installing stone flooring. Some people are even mixing together different colors and textures of stone to achieve something completely unique. Remember, stone is scratch-free and totally resistant to natural wear and tear.


Just want part of your home to have a little bit of stone effect? Try out a fireplace or a chimney area in your living room. Stone fireplaces are incredibly easy to maintain, making them an easy choice when it comes to interior decorative designs. Now, stone provides a good resource for a fireplace as it keeps the warmth contained, keeping your fire burning long and bright. Stone will not get damaged over time by the flames or the smoke, either.

Decorative Sculptures

You can make just about anything out of stone! From sculptures to shelves, to tabletops, stone can be crafted to suit both your design and utility needs. That is what makes stone so special; as a homeowner, you can decide what type of stone looks best in your home – and where. Stone countertops provide long-lasting surfaces, while stone flooring provides that extra touch of sophistication that will instantly increase the value of your home. The best part about it? Stone is so easy to work with, especially when you get in touch with your local stone slab pros!

Find the Perfect Stone Solution with Neolith Today

Neolith is your one-stop solution for all things stone. Whether you are looking to redecorate your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or home with different stone selections, you can count on our experts to lead you in the right direction. Visit us today to learn about why homeowners keep coming back for our Neolith large format porcelain tiles. Schedule a consultation with our pros to find out how you can transform your home into a valuable stone sanctuary today!

How to Find the Perfect Coffee Table

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Perfect coffee table next to a luxury sofa.

Designing and decorating your new home is no easy feat. From lounge chairs to sofas, you want your living room to be the perfect display of elegance and comfort. Some furniture can be more difficult to find as a part of your sophisticated collection.

How to Find the Perfect Coffee Table

Many of our customers have trouble with side and coffee tables when browsing high-end selections. When searching for A. Rudin luxury furniture, you will learn how to find the perfect coffee table. Take a look at our expert advice and browse our inventory of elegant selections to complete the look of your living room.

Space Things Out

The hardest part about picking the perfect coffee table is figuring out how much space to allow in between the seating and the center of the room. It is important to leave at least a little bit of room that people can walk between. Make sure there is enough space for you to rest your feet and legs without bumping into the table. Make sure people can easily walk from one room to another without running into the table as well.

Choose the Proper Materials

Figuring out the right shape and size of the coffee table is one thing, but choosing the best materials for your coffee table is another difficult challenge. Between wood, metal, and glass, you can select high-end options that will instantly increase the value of your room.

A word of caution: Never invest in coffee tables that used mixed metal materials. For example, copper and chrome, or brass and chrome, will look old fast. You might end up regretting your choice in just a few short years.

Find Your Function

A high-end coffee table isn’t just about looks. While aesthetic design plays a huge role, you also want a coffee table that serves its purpose as well. Functional coffee tables provide places for storage, decoration, and display. You can easily switch between formal and casual depending on what you put on top. Besides, it is always nice to have more room to put down your food or drink without risking it spilling onto the floor.

Invest in the Right Color

The color of your coffee table is another important consideration. You should think about the other pieces of furniture in the room, as well as the general style you would like to display. Coffee tables work well as accent pieces, meaning that they should contrast with the color of the seating. A bright-colored coffee table works well with neutral-toned sofas, and vice versa.

Know Your Cleaning Requirements

Each type of material needs to be cleaned differently. If you plan on getting a lot of use out of your coffee table, then you should consider a glass surface as you can place drinks on top without needing a coaster. Wood and metal, however, is much more likely to stain.

Solid wood is usually the material of choice for high-end luxury furniture; your coffee table may require weekly maintenance, but the lifelong value will be worth it.

Find the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Luxury Living Room Today

Finding the perfect table to complement the larger pieces of furniture in your living room does not have to be difficult. At A. Rudin, you can browse our signature collections to find an elegant coffee table for your space. Take a look at our new Chai Ming Studios furniture line to see dynamic table options for modern luxury rooms.

No living room is complete without a coffee table. See what’s online or get ahold of one of our expert representatives today to learn more about upgrading your living room furniture.