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These are the Easiest Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen

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luxury bar stools in a modern kitchen

Big or small, bright or dark, appliance-heavy or not, your kitchen is the heart of the home and it deserves to shine. If you’re struggling to find ways to revamp the energy in your kitchen, or you just want a fresh new look during mealtime, you’ll find that enhancing your kitchen can really change things for the better. The A. Rudin team of professionals can assist you in finding something that not only fits your style but adds enhancement and new life in your home. This includes custom couches and luxury bar stools. Follow us as we guide you along some of the easiest improvements you can make to turn your kitchen into a fantasy!

Build Up, Not Out

One of the primary complaints we hear from our clients is that small kitchens lead to a lack of room for storage and decor. Of course, there’s not much you can do about the size of the kitchen other than tearing the walls down. But you don’t have to get frustrated by too much clutter. Building shelves that layer on the walls above your sink and tables can get all of those little things off the counters and into an organized array. Not only does it make your kitchen look better, but it clears all the space off the counter, so you can make the horizontal space your own again.

Our team recommends that you go with floating shelves. It’s a great way to be modern and minimalist while still easily matching almost any other kind of style.

Speak With Your Luxury Bar Stools

If you own a bar with stools in your kitchen, you have one of the greatest opportunities to enhance your overall look. Luxury bar stools are a lot more powerful than you’d think! Bar stools come in so many different styles, that you can sometimes get carried away with the array of options. However, by focusing on what parts of the kitchen you want to highlight, you can use the stools to make it pop.

Good Housekeeping recommends that you get brightly-colored luxury bar stools to decorate an otherwise white and pale kitchen, for example, Using bar stools as an accessory to accent the best highlights of the kitchen will turn it into a fun place to be and a better place to hang out.

Spruce Up Your Walls

It only takes a little space to make an impact. Is your kitchen tiny? So what? That doesn’t mean it can’t be the chic French kitchen of your dreams or the traditional cabin masterpiece it’s meant to be.

Wallpaper can do wonders for your kitchen. A once boring wall is now a unique and beautiful pattern that brings every element of your kitchen to life, not to mention yourself. This pop of pattern and color adds depth, variety, and texture to an otherwise dull and stuffy-looking room.

Keep it Affordable

High class doesn’t always mean expensive. You can easily use cheap furniture and affordable decor to spruce up your kitchen and bring it a life you’ve always wanted it to have. Furniture stores sell a wide variety of chairs, tables, hanging lamps, and even some appliances for you to decorate your kitchen with. If you’ve got the room for a small kitchen table, consider a half table that goes against a wall. Or, maybe you want something foldable so you can increase or decrease the amount of room in the kitchen. These methods can help you make it a flexible room, not just a functional one.

Luxury Furniture

A. Rudin specializes in high-quality furniture at great prices. They have everything you need to make your kitchen revamp a success. Remember, the more time you want to spend in your kitchen, the more successful you’ve been at enhancing it back to life. For more on kitchen design, you can get in touch with them online. To learn more about their furniture selections, call at (310) 659-2388.