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Questions to Ask When Designing a Client’s Kitchen

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concept of designing a client's kitchen

The opportunity to design a kitchen for someone is huge. And when it comes to building a design based on leading NYC modular kitchen cabinets, it’s important to get the job done right the first time. That is why you need to know exactly the right questions to ask when designing a client’s kitchen. Before you lay a single piece of wood or tile, take note of the following questions that you’ll want to have answered prior to starting a kitchen remodeling project.

Questions to Ask When Designing a Client’s Kitchen

What Does Your Dream Kitchen Look Like?

Ask your clients what their dream kitchen would look like if they had an unlimited budget and all of the resources to spend in the world. It is important to understand what kind of design and style your clients have in mind so you can create a plan that best suits their needs. Your clients may even have pictures and images that they have saved on the Internet to serve as inspiration. Let them dream for a little while before narrowing down the possibilities for them.

What is Your Budget?

Unfortunately, you will have to bring your clients back down to earth before you can really move forward with the project. A good way to do this is to shift the focus to budgetary matters. Ask your clients what kind of budget they have to work with, whether it is flexible, and how much they expect to spend by the time the project is complete. In some cases, you may be able to find an accommodating figure that everyone can agree on, allowing you to do the best job possible without undercutting your value.

Why Do You Want to Design a Kitchen?

You might think that asking a client about their kitchen design goals is a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at the different reasons why people are considering a renovation. Whether they are building a new kitchen from scratch or replacing old appliances, it is likely that your clients have a good reason for renovating their homes.

For example, some people might be in the market to buy energy-saving appliances while others are about to add some new members to the family and need more space to accommodate them.

What are the Most Important Elements of Your New Kitchen?

Everyone prioritizes something different. After letting your clients brainstorm for a bit, you should ask them what some of the most essential components are. There is a laundry list of items that would be nice to have, but what is absolutely needed?

Some clients may just need to rearrange the setup of their kitchen to make it easier to move between the stove, fridge, and counter. Others are looking to replace dilapidated cabinets or tear down walls to open up the rest of the home more. Getting this answer from your client can totally change the way you design a remodeling plan for them.

Have You Chosen a Kitchen Remodeling Team Yet?

Since some of your clients may still be shopping around for quotes, it is your job to capture them and convince them why you are the best choice for their renovation needs. Give them a wealth of materials and resources that they can look at before making any big decisions. Make yourself available to contact at any time should they have questions. You can even direct them to LEICHT’s kitchen cabinet showroom in Westchester to give clients an up-close and personal look at the latest kitchen furniture trends.

No matter your client’s budget, design preferences, or accommodation needs, it is easy to create the kitchen of their dreams by asking them the right questions. If you are looking for more tips to help you guide your client through the renovation process, get in touch with us here at LEICHT today!

Top 8 Kitchen Design Mistakes

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concept of kitchen design mistakes

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, you deserve to come home to the designer-like kitchen of your dreams. You can achieve all of this and more with premium kitchen brands and NYC modular kitchen cabinets. Our professionals have also laid out so many other options as well. A complete remodel can be difficult for homeowners; knowing what to do and what not to do can make starting the process that much easier. Let’s look at the top 8 kitchen design mistakes.

Top 8 Kitchen Design Mistakes

At LEICHT, we know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with choices. We also understand how difficult it can be to plan an entire kitchen design independently. That’s why we have come up with our top 8 kitchen design mistakes that all homeowners and kitchen designers should be aware of before committing to a project. We want you to avoid the most costly mistakes when redesigning your kitchen. Take notes and follow along to find the best fit for you.

Foregoing the Function of your Furniture

All the details and designs can be incorporated. You have the option to knock down walls or rebuild them in a way that better suits the flow of the kitchen. Your aesthetic goals should not override the necessity for functionality, however. It is important to place furniture and appliances in a way that brings both comfort and usefulness. The kitchen must still function as a kitchen in the way you prefer.

Not Paying Attention to Architecture

Most homeowners need to understand the concept of architectural integrity when they start a big kitchen remodel. They often end up with something that doesn’t return the value or is not in harmony with the rest of their home. For example, you might be tempted to add farmhouse decor in a kitchen that has strong contemporary things. This might cause your designs to clash, leaving you unhappy with the overall look of the kitchen. Your design plans should be compatible with the rest of your home.

Forgetting to Add More Counter Space

A fully functional kitchen requires sufficient counter space, even if you aren’t a huge cook. Counter space provides a sturdy and flat surface area where you can work, put out decorations, store items, and more. Homeowners will often sacrifice counter space to install appliances, amenity systems, recessed cabinets, and other features that they end up using far less often than simple kitchen counters.

Forgetting to Add Storage Space, Too

Do you need space to store your things? Make it happen! It is all too common for homeowners not to have enough space to store their belongings after everything has been said and done. You will need to ensure that your cabinets are open and accessible for you to place things. You should also review some of the industry’s best tips for decluttering your kitchen to get an even bigger transformation out of your space.

Not Taking Lighting Into Account

Lighting can change the mood of an entire room, which is why ambient lighting is both popular and essential to a well-balanced home. Proper lighting is essential to bring out the emotion and positive vibes in your kitchen. This is something that many people overlook until it’s too late, but it is easy to make this fix. You can hide mood lighting underneath your cabinets or beneath the kitchen table to create a pleasing glow.

Underestimating the Value of New Furniture

High-end luxury kitchen cabinets are not only affordable but an integral part of bringing your kitchen design dreams to life. For any and every kind of homeowner, modern kitchen cabinets in New York are a great investment opportunity. You can add a lot to the value of your kitchen by purchasing valuable furniture that you might not have ever had in your kitchen before.

Forgetting the Little Things

Attention to detail is crucial for any large project. But when it comes to the kitchen, you might feel like something important is missing after your cabinets and countertops are installed. You need to add something that speaks to your personality, creating that homey feel that most people are searching for. Consider small details such as wall art, tile colors, and artwork to continue your vision of a brand-new kitchen.

Trying to Do Everything Yourself!

Although you may feel that you can handle this huge task by yourself, it is much easier to have a team around to help. Knowing the details of a project can give you an idea of the areas where you will most appreciate the help of others.

Get Help from LEICHT Experts Today

Leicht NY is committed to positive design that helps you achieve your aesthetic goals. We are your best choice for any type of remodeling project, whether you’re looking for a new kitchen cabinet or a complete renovation. If you want to get a good look at what your final product can look like before you invest, we invite you to visit our Manhattan kitchen showroom where you will find a wide range of available options for your kitchen.

How to Protect a Stone Backsplash

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How to protect a stone backsplash

We put a lot of time, effort, and money into making a house into a home. The kitchen is arguably the most difficult challenge. As a room, it has a highly practical function. But is also one of the key spaces where we tend to interact socially with friends and family. Unfortunately, the grease and splatter that happens whenever we’re cooking can make your kitchen look dirty and aged must faster than you would like. This is especially true for your backsplash, which often gets overlooked during routine cleaning. Let’s look at how to protect a stone backsplash.

Whether you want a backsplash or full bodied stone countertops, Neolith is here for you. We provide the highest-quality sintered stone slabs for various applications.

How to Protect a Stone Backsplash

To keep your kitchen looking top-notch. You have to do three things.

  • Make Smart Design Choices
  • Use Protective Coatings Where Appropriate
  • Don’t Just Focus on Visible Dirt
    Of course, all of this is easier said than done, so let’s look at a few practical ways to protect all of the hard work you put into making your kitchen look fantastic.

Choosing Your Design Materials

For many designers, it just makes sense to match the backsplash with the countertops. It makes it easier to tie the walls in with your larger color scheme and protects your kitchen walls from getting hit with all that splatter the next time you make pasta. Given the dual function, it makes sense to want to use a material that is just as sturdy as your countertop. For many families, stone is a clear choice.

With the ultra-thin options available, stone is one of the most versatile and practical materials you can use in your kitchen. Unlike natural stone, these purposefully created composites can replicate most other materials while offering a superior selection of colors, textures, and finishes. The resin used to seal this sintered stone is made to last and allows the stone to be cut so thin that excessive weight is no longer a problem.

Under normal conditions, you don’t even have to worry about re-sealing Neolith stone. However, you should pick a texture that is easy to clean. Rougher surfaces have more cracks and grooves for dirt and grease to hide. When you’re picking out your backsplash, do yourself a favor and choose a material you can easily wipe off. There’s no reason to spend all your time scrubbing for an almost unnoticeable texture difference.

Know Your Protective Coatings

Sintered stone doesn’t generally require sealing because it is made to be non-porous. The lack of porosity means that nothing that touches the counter’s surface will penetrate, making it far less likely to stain or develop mildew. If you do opt for natural stone countertops with a matching backsplash, then both the counter and backsplash should be resealed at least once a year.
You also have to be more careful with your cleaning products to avoid damaging the stone. Sintered stone is generally more resistant to strong chemicals, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Opting for a cleanser that is designed for stone means that you’ll get all the cleaning power you need without the risk of damaging the stone’s surface.

Clean it All: Top Tip for How to Protect a Stone Backsplash

A lot of us get into the habit of just cleaning up spills and crumbs as we go. It’s an effective short term solution but allows microscopic layers of grease and dust to build up over time. Vertical surfaces like your cabinets, backsplash, and even your oven hood are usually the most neglected. Within weeks you may notice a film starting to form. You may not see it on a darker surface, but it is obvious when you touch it. Avoid all of this by simply wiping all of your kitchen surfaces clean when you go through your regular cleaning routine. It just takes a few minutes, and it will save you hours of scrubbing down the line.