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How to Prevent Mold in the Kitchen

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How to prevent mold in the kitchen

Dealing with mold in your home can be timely and costly. So taking the time to focus on learning how to prevent mold in the kitchen is well worth it. Just like the bathroom, the kitchen can be a nice breeding ground for mold to grow due to the moisture that comes from the activities done in the area. Between cooking and spills, mold can grow in the corners of your kitchen, your refrigerator, and even in your garbage disposal. The problem with mold is that it can have a major impact on your health and wellness.

How to Prevent Mold in the Kitchen

Knowing how to prevent mold in the kitchen is more than a matter of aesthetics. Mold can be dangerous for you and your family. Below is all the info you need to keep your kitchen beautiful and your family safe.

Mold Hot Spots

While you can’t do a full kitchen deep clean after every meal or even every day, focus on the following mold hot spot areas to prevent mold before it has the chance to even start.

  • Trash Area: No matter how you store your garbage, take it out each night. Trash cans are often moist, dark, and create an environment where mold can thrive. This is the same for garbage disposals. Rinse and clean out your garbage disposal every night when you take out the trash.
  • Food Storage: Refrigerators and other food storage areas are also hotbeds for mold growth. Mold can easily grow in your fridge despite the cool temperature. This is because the temperature changes when the door is opened and closed can create enough moisture for mold to grow on your food. The mold spores can be easily spread to your new food. Take inventory of your fridge every few days and throw out or freeze any leftovers that are more than a few days old.
  • Corners: Between corners on your floor to your countertops, there are many opportunities for mold growth. These spaces are usually closer together, have water built up, and even leftover crumbs that can contribute to an environment that hosts mold. Sweep after you cook and wipe down the corners of your countertops before you head to bed to be safe.
  • Kitchen Tools: Appliances, cutting boards, and wooden spoons can all host mold. When preparing food and cleaning up, these surfaces can be ignored if you are in a hurry. Wiping down all of your appliances, washing up things like cutting boards, and allowing everything to fully dry before putting it away is integral to avoid mold growth.

Tips for Mold Prevention

Instead of worrying about mold, follow the following mold prevention tips, so you don’t have to even think about it. 

  1. Regularly Clean: Mold can start growing in as fast as just 24 hours. If you cook or prepare food, do a sweep over the kitchen floor and wipe off the counters. Try and mop at least once a week to keep the floors clean. Focus on daily maintenance versus doing a deep clean once a week.
  2. Cabinets: While you want to wipe down the handles and outside of your cabinets, be sure and check the insides as well. If you put your dishes away, even slightly wet mold can grow in your cabinets as they are dark and can get humid. Custom kitchen cabinets Los Angeles made from quality materials can help, but you should still regularly check your cabinets.
  3. Wash Your Dishes: Keep your sink clean and wash your dishes daily. Leaving them out to dry after they are washed is fine as long as there is something to catch any residual water. However, leaving dirty dishes in your sink or dishwasher can create a great space for mold to grow.
  4. Stove Fan: Utilize your stove fan when cooking to keep the humidity levels down. Humidity and fluctuating temperatures are problematic as they can make it easier for mold to grow.
  5. Ditch Old Food: If you are not going to eat your leftovers, put them in the trash and take them away. Keeping old food around isn’t healthy as old moldy food can infect new food making it unhealthy. 

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Are Two-Tone Cabinets In Style?

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Are two-tone cabinets in style?

Investing in your kitchen can increase your home’s value, and cabinets are a great place to start. If you choose carefully, your kitchen cabinets can last you a long time, so you don’t have to renovate every few years. While single color kitchen cabinets are often the norm in kitchen renovations, two-tone cabinets have always been a classy option for those who want to add some flair to their space without the pressure of following trendy fads. Are two-tone cabinets in style?

Are Two-Toned Cabinets in Style?

Two-toned kitchen cabinets are cabinets that are two or more colors. The colors are combined to add dimension to the kitchen. A good combination is grey and white as they are subtle yet provide a contrast compared to cabinets that are the same color. You can also play around with the color in your kitchen by contrasting your wall cabinets with the island cabinets. This is a way to have accent areas that stand out more than other areas. If you have a space you want people’s eyes drawn to when they enter your kitchen, creating a two-toned area with cabinets is a great way to accomplish it.

Design Ideas Incorporating Two-Toned Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets have been popular for a while as they are a classy way to incorporate dimension without being too flashy. But are two-tone cabinets in style still? The two-toned option for cabinetry is versatile with a diverse range of options. Below you will find some of the best ideas for incorporating two-toned cabinetry into your kitchen.

  • Accent Color: When you incorporate two-toned kitchen cabinets, use the second tone as an accent color for your entire kitchen. If you want to attract attention to a certain area, use the accent color to draw people in.
  • Multi-Colored: In case you can’t decide on just two colors, three are an option as well! When using multi-colored kitchen cabinets, designers recommend using white as a separator between the two colors. This is commonly referred to as the 60-30-10 rule. The “60” represents the dominant color, the “30” represents the secondary color, and the “10” represents the accent color.

Choosing Your Colors

Choosing colors can be difficult if you do not have a design background. Whether you want colors that contrast or are in the same family will depend on taking a good look at a color wheel for guidance. While the color wheel may seem intimidating, it can really help you decide on which combinations work for you. There are multiple options in terms of how you want to use the colors in your space, including complementary, analogous, or neutrals. When you are using a color wheel, complementary colors are those that are opposite each other. For example, blue and yellow are complementary colors as they are opposites on the wheel. Colors that are analogous are those that are next to one another on the color wheel. For example, yellow and orange are analogous to one another. Neutrals include grays, blacks, whites, and browns. These are often the base colors in a kitchen as they are more calming.

If choosing colors, cabinets, or even making style decisions is overwhelming, you are not alone! Trouble decided in two-tone cabinets are in style? Find a designer! Designers study trends, classic styles, and materials for a living. Cabinetry experts are also available to help provide you with great options for your personal aesthetic and style. Investing in professional help with cabinetry can save you time, money, and the headache in the long-run. Call Kitchenworks LA for custom kitchen cabinets Los Angeles.

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How to Seal Paint on Kitchen Cabinets

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Learn how to seal paint on kitchen cabinets to protect your investment

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most significant investments you can make into your kitchen. Quality cabinets can be long-lasting and withstand the wear and tear that comes with daily life. However, the way to really improve your cabinets and their longevity is to ensure that the paint is sealed. That’s why we have this guide on how to seal paint on kitchen cabinets.

It is a vital step in protecting your cabinets. This is because between foot traffic, food spills, and accidents, cabinets can be beat up. The way to keep your cabinets looking new is to seal the paint well. Below you will find the steps you need to take to fully invest in the longevity of your cabinets.

Lead Check:

You’ll need to do a lead check to ensure the old coating is free from lead. There are helpful and user-friendly EPA-recognized lead testing kits you can use if your cabinets were installed before 1978. If your test comes back negative, you’re in the clear. If it’s positive, contact your local health department or a certified lead professional to figure out your next steps. It may be more effective and safer to purchase the best modern kitchen cabinets free from lead and the related risks. 

Cabinet Prep:

Before you can seal paint on kitchen cabinets, you need to prep. This is the tedious part as you need to completely empty your cabinets. Remove handles, knobs, doors, and anything else connected to them. After that, you’ll want to put on a mask for protection from dust and other harmful particles while creating a trisodium phosphate (“TSP”) mixture to clean the cabinets. Mix two ounces of the powdered TSP with a gallon of warm water. If your TSP instructions advise differently, follow the directions on your specific product.

Before applying the TSP solution, cover your countertops and flooring to protect all of the surfaces around your cabinets from the solution. While wearing a mask, wipe down the cabinet surfaces using a sponge with the TSP solution. Once you have covered the entire cabinet area, rinse off the solution with another sponge soaked with water. Let your cabinets completely dry and if possible wait at least 24 hours before moving to the next step.

Apply Primer:

Once the cabinet preparation is completed, you can apply primer or sealer to your cabinet surfaces. Apply a thin coat of clear dewaxed shellac to your cabinets using a natural fiver paintbrush. Dewaxed shellac is a great alternative to traditional primer for wood. After the shellac has dried (for roughly an hour) you can sand away any issues on the surface. 220-grit sandpaper is best for this project. After you have sanded, wipe away any sand residue with a dry and lint-free rag and apply a second coat of the dewaxed shellac. As done before, wait an hour, sand away irregularities, and wipe away the dust.


Use a synthetic fiber brush to apply your polyurethane-finish coat. When applying the first layer, it should be thin. As with the primer step, let the first coat dry (this time, at least two hours) and then gently sand and polish away any bubbles or bumps. Apply your second coat after you have wiped away the sand residue. Repeat the steps for at least three coats.

Final Touch:

After your last sealant coat is completed, wait at least 24 hours and put the hardware back onto your cabinetry.

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