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Re-Purposing Underused Rooms

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There is seemingly a room in your house for everything – bedroom, living room, dining room, and family room – but just because these rooms are named after their traditional use does not mean that you have no freedom to create a space that works for you and your family. How many times do you use your formal dining room? How often do you actually sit and enjoy your living room? For most homeowners, the answers to these questions is a very small amount, and it would be much more efficient to repurpose these rooms into something that would actually get frequent use. Here are some ways to turn that underused space into something beneficial, and you can furnish these new rooms with high-end luxury furniture, exclusively from A. Rudin.

Dining Room

In today’s society, an average family eats one-third of their meals away from home, and the remaining two-thirds are usually not eaten in a formal dining space. Especially with home design including a dining area next to the kitchen in most modern floor plans, you have even less of a reason to eat in the space labeled “dining room.” Instead of leaving this space for solely Christmas and Thanksgiving meals, you can renovate it into something that would be functional, such as a library, a study, or a game room. Whether it is for work, for a hobby, or for your kids, it’s easy to repurpose your dining room for something much more useful than two meals a year. Just move in the furniture that is necessary for the space you are trying to create, and you have created a whole new area that can be utilized. It would be so much more amazing to furnish this room with things that you would rather do on a regular basis, but with this comes the need for proper furniture. Contact A. Rudin today to get high-end luxury furniture that will make any room in your house the best-looking room.


Modern housing trends are giving three or four car garages to most homes, and although a garage is a functional space in itself to store your car, we sometimes have more garage space than is actually needed for our one or two cars. This is a completely underutilized space, and can become so much more than the hot, drab area to hang your tools. One of the most common ways to renovate this space is to finish it off with flooring and make it climate controlled, so it is a comfortable workplace or man cave; but a garage doesn’t need to stay with the theme of tools and work. You can turn your garage into an amazing media room, game room, or even a unique bedroom. With the ability to have the garage door open and a separate entrance, this can be utilized for so much more than collecting grease.

Attics and Basements

Although not everyone in the country has an attic or basement, those that do can turn them into some incredible rooms. Imagine creating your basement into a home movie theater, a 1950’s diner inspired hangout, or a home gym. If you have these spaces, don’t let them just sit and collect dust any longer.

Laundry Room

Most houses have a dedicated laundry room, and sometimes it’s much larger than is actually needed to house the laundry machines. There are some things you can do to repurpose this room so that it has a dual use. If you have a pet, repurpose the laundry room into a pet grooming area as well. If you are into scrapbooking or some other hobby, put shelves and other storage spaces up for all your goodies.

High-End Luxury Furniture

If you are looking to update and renovate your home, it isn’t necessary to spend thousands of dollars with a contractor to change the whole layout; by repurposing rooms into something conventional, unique, or unorthodox, you will feel like you are living in a whole new home for a fraction of the cost. Be sure to furnish your renovated home with the things it deserves. A. Rudin can help you pick out high-end luxury furniture that will make you feel like a millionaire. Contact them today for inspiration and ideas on all your furnishing needs.