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What Makes a Kitchen Cozy?

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What makes a kitchen cozy?

The kitchen is easily one of the most important rooms in the entire home. Not only is the kitchen the primary source of food and drinks, but it also marks a place of togetherness where families and neighbors gather after work to discuss daily affairs. A lot of people would describe their kitchens as “cozy.” But what makes a kitchen cozy, exactly?

What Makes a Kitchen Cozy?

Colors, furniture, and style can all determine how cozy a kitchen is. Whether you are a fan of modern or traditional style kitchen cabinets, you can add a few items and make a few adjustments to turn your whole kitchen into a place of comfort and warmth. Let’s take a look at the most important elements of a cozy kitchen space.


The light fixtures in your kitchen can make or break the entire vibe of the room. Spruce up your lights with some warmer replacements. Replace your cold white light bulbs with warmer orange ones, brightening up the whole room. If your kitchen has windows, make sure to open them up and let in as much natural light as you can. When the weather is bad, you can add some drapes over those windows. You can use lighting in many ways to change the ambiance of the room.


There’s nothing cozy about a mess. If your kitchen is too cluttered, it will not look very inviting to your family or guests. Nobody wants to navigate around a messy kitchen, especially not when everyone is hungry! You can avoid this potential moment of frustration by keeping your kitchen tidy. With everything put away and organized, you will be able to enjoy the full beauty of your countertops and cabinets. People will want to spend more time in there, too!


You don’t have to do too much to introduce a little personality into your kitchen. By adding some colorful additions to the space, you can instantly transform it into the coziest part of the room. A fresh coat of paint on the walls or the installation of a backsplash can really make the kitchen pop. You can also change the appearance of the space with just a few colors, as low-contrast colors can make a kitchen appear bigger. Add a touch of color to your traditional cabinets, or replace them with a more modernized look to reflect your new color scheme.


What is a kitchen without a comfortable seating space? In order to really feel cozy in your kitchen, you should have a nice seating arrangement available. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, you can find a way to introduce comfortable chairs to the room. Dining stools around an island or comfortable high-back chairs around the breakfast table can really tie the whole kitchen together.

Natural Touches

That feeling of warmth and coziness doesn’t just come from lights and chairs. You need to add a natural touch to your kitchen to bring the room to life. Add some plants and other greenery to the space to add a sense of calmness and serenity. You’ll feel one with nature as you sit amongst the plants and feel the warm vibes of the room! You can even try growing some herbs and other edible plants in your kitchen, which will give you some fresh ingredients to work with next time you cook.

Make Your Kitchen Cozy with a New System!

At LEICHT, we specialize in luxury kitchen systems with a diverse array of styles and materials available. If you are looking to enliven your space with a cozy new kitchen, you should consider traditional or custom kitchen cabinets in New York. A change in scenery can add warmth and comfort to any kitchen space. For more information on kitchen cabinets and systems, get in touch with our home remodeling experts today!

European Interior Design

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European interior design.

When you live in the middle of an American city, you may not think about how much of your home’s interior design is inspired by European style. European interior design isn’t a single homogenous look. Instead, it is a vast range of aesthetic styles inspired by the different cultures and customs shared by the continent’s inhabitants.

Looking to learn more about how to design the best German style kitchen New York has to offer? Our LEICHT NY experts can give you some industry tips on the diversity of European interior design and what high-end European aesthetics to be on the lookout for when you design your brand-new kitchen.

European Interior Design: The Basics of European Decor

The first thing to know about European decor is that there are so many colors and textures to choose from. But before you get overwhelmed by the endless possibilities, it is really important to focus on the specific aesthetic you want to achieve. Different parts of Europe offer different styles. Some of the most popular European interior designs include:

  • Mediterranean
  • Tuscan
  • German modern
  • French country farmhouse
  • Chateau
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Italian villa or townhouse

It’s possible to mix and match these styles or select one that really appeals to your sense of design and figure out how to fill in the details.

Finding the Best Details

Every room needs a solid amount of detail to be considered stylish. But which details you emphasize depend on your European style. Most Euro-centric designs are inspired by the classical era, especially Greece and Rome. Therefore, a large ornament would serve as a good centerpiece for the room you are decorating. In the living room or den, this might be a fireplace. In the kitchen, it could be a kitchen island or new granite countertops.

Creating a Color Scheme

There are many colors of European style that you can choose from when creating a color scheme for your European interior designs. Depending on your preferences, you can go with light or dark colors, or a combination of both. Traditional homes in Europe often have wooden floors and wallpaper, so there is a lot of opportunity for creating a cool color palette.

Cabinets and kitchen drawers usually end up built with a solid color choice in mind. While some homeowners prefer white or light wooden colors, those interested in modern European styles will opt for black matte cabinets.

Building the Perfect Cabinets

European kitchens place a lot of emphasis on the cabinets and available working space. The kitchen is one of the most populated rooms in the whole house. So it is important that the kitchen provides plenty of space to cook, clean, sit, and store items.

High-end modern European kitchen cabinets are designed to provide both function and style. When you look for the right kind of design for your kitchen, make sure you account for cabinet space. Whether you want to design kitchen cabinets for your kitchen island, or you are just looking to remodel your existing cabinet space, you can find plenty of European styles that will fit your needs.

Get Luxury European Designs Today!

At LEICHT NY, we offer upscale interior design tips and luxury German cabinets that can add style to your kitchen. If you are considering a remodeling project or just looking to upgrade to a modern German style, reach out to our LEICHT NY professionals to schedule a consultation. Our experts are more than happy to help you find the perfect New York kitchen cabinets that will remind you of all the latest styles in Europe.

Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about your style options!

How to Make Old Cabinets Look Modern?

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Make old cabinets look modern.

Traditional cabinetry is the little black dress of your kitchen. But can you make old cabinets look modern? If you pick the right style, maintain them, and give them a little update every once in a while, they become timeless pieces representing understated class.

Of course, if you want to be known for chasing the latest trends and keeping up with fashionable décor on an annual basis, then all the power to you, but it isn’t for everyone. For people who have a strong sense of individual style, it simply makes sense to keep designs that speak to you personally. But it still leaves a little room for the occasional facelift as your preferences change.

For the best custom kitchen cabinets New York has, call Leicht today. Traditional European kitchen cabinets are a great place to start upgrading your kitchen.

Assessing Your Cabinetry

If you’re considering giving your cabinets a modern make-over, the first thing you have to do is assess their current condition. If the wood and fixtures are worn, then you’re set to go. However, if the box that forms the actual cabinet is warped or severely damaged, then it’s time to look at a new set of custom cabinets that will suit your needs.

From there, figure out what else is making your cabinets scream their age at every visitor you invite into your home. Common violators are:

  • Oak Wood Finishes
  • Thermofoil
  • Intricate Patterns on the Cabinet Doors
  • Overdone Hardware
  • Normal Wear and Tear

Luckily, a little sanding, re-staining, and hardware replacement will leave you with cabinets that look fresh without losing their traditional feel.

Finding Balance

Updating traditional pieces to fit within a modern home requires a careful balancing act. You essentially have to pick one key identifier to maintain the look, while updating everything else. For traditional cabinetry, the easiest way to find that balance is to leave the distinctive door patterns in place while updating everything else.

To get started, you will want to:

  • Empty your cabinets and remove all of your hardware.
  • Your next step is to sand down the exterior of the cabinet. This can be rather challenging on traditional cabinet doors given their intricacy, so be careful to maintain the cut of the door as you sand.

Making Old Cabinets Look Modern: Next Steps

Pick a wood stain or paint that reflects your current taste. People who want to preserve a more traditional feel should opt for a stain. Coffee-toned wood stains or stains in the ash-family are both considered fashionable choices for 2021. On the other hand, if you want to modernize your cabinets a little further, paint may be a better option. Both muted greens and blues appear to be favored for this coming year.

Once you’ve decided on your surface, you can choose a hardware that matches your taste. For a more modern aesthetic, look for simple hardware. Long bar handles and understated hinges are an excellent choice. However, you may also choose to go with a more complicated design to keep a stronger, traditional feel.

At this point, you can reassemble your cabinets and enjoy your refreshed new kitchen. To complement the look, you may also consider updating your paint, backsplash, and flooring for a more complete transformation.

Finding Traditional Cabinets in a Modern World

If you love your traditional cabinets, but they’re beyond repair, don’t worry. Many of the best European cabinet manufacturers continue to make beautiful traditional cabinets. They have all of the beauty and quality of your old cabinets with all the benefits of modern manufacturing. Just a little time with one of the designers at Leicht will introduce you to the range of possibilities available to you. From the most modern façades to the most comforting spaces, Leicht can make sure you get the kitchen you’ve always wanted.