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How to Keep Cool in the Kitchen?

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Hot kitchen pan steaming

We are just a few weeks away from real summer heat, and that means cooking in your kitchen is about to become a complicated balance between your palate and your comfort. But you may still want to keep cool in the kitchen. Using your stove or oven can make your home absolutely miserable during a heatwave. Fortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your gorgeous modern European kitchen cabinets are going to be neglected during the summer months.

How to Keep Cool in the Kitchen?

Here are a few tips for enjoying your kitchen without superheating your home.

Get Creative with Salads

If you don’t like salads, then your experience with them may just be too limited. Something like a classic Italian chopped salad has something for everyone, and you can easily leave out any ingredients you don’t enjoy. In addition to green salads, there are many healthy versions of potato, pasta, and chicken salads that don’t necessarily require your weight in mayonnaise. With a little exploring, you can find tons of no-cook meals that keep your family happy, healthy, and cool.

Use Your Broiler

Ok, your broiler is the hottest setting on your oven, so it will definitely heat things up. However, many recipes, including delicious options like artichoke toast, homemade pizza, and meatballs, only have to be put in the broiler for 5-15 minutes. By choosing recipes with short cook times at high temperatures, you can enjoy the feeling of a home-cooked meal with minimal interruption to your comfort. Just turn that broiler off the second you’re done, and turn your oven hood fan on high.

Invest in a Grill

Depending on where you live, conflating a grill and a barbeque could be a disastrous mistake. But either way, you can’t deny that they’re the ultimate summer cooking hack. Now we can start to have more social gatherings outdoors. So your grill or barbeque is the perfect tool for bringing friends back together over a delicious meal. Just make sure it’s placed safely away from the house for fire safety and reduced heat transfer.

Work Smoothies into Your Diet

Smoothies are a great way to create a well-balanced mini meal during the day. By combining frozen fruit, greens, seeds, and plain Greek yogurt with your favorite no-sugar-added juice, you can create a wonderful drink that will help you stay cool during the heat of the day. For a 21 and older twist, you can also add a shot of vodka, rum, or tequila for a refreshing evening drink as long as you do so responsibly.

Have a Potluck

Another great way to have an awesome meal without roasting yourself out of your home is to have a potluck. By spreading out the responsibility among several different households, you can keep your oven/stove time down to a minimum. Ideally, you can always create a no-cook option. This can ensure that your home is comfortably cool for you and your guests. As an added bonus, a potluck is the perfect way to show off your new kitchen created by your modern European kitchen provider, Leicht.

Prepping for Summer Eats: Keep Cool in the Kitchen

Summer is a great time for cooking. With all of the fresh produce available, there’s no shortage of creative options available to you and your families. To help keep the ideas flowing, you can always follow a few well-loved cooks on social media to expand your cooking mind. Between salads, smoothies, crockpot meals, and your grill, you should only have to turn your oven on when you’re absolutely dying for something specific. At that point, just have it as a late dinner and open up your windows.

How to Modernize an Outdated Kitchen

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How to modernize an outdated kitchen.

If you’re not in love with your kitchen, it’s time to make some much-needed changes. But that is a lot easier said than done. Kitchen renovations are famously some of the most expensive remodeling projects you can have in your home. But what about remodeling on a budget? Can you still modernize an outdated kitchen?

How to Modernize an Outdated Kitchen

Our LEICHT professionals are world-leading experts on the newest modern kitchen styles and classic trends. Today, they will share some tips on how to modernize an outdated kitchen on a budget.

Remove Upper Cabinets

Every great kitchen is known for having massive amounts of storage space. But it can get to the point where bulky cabinets can make things look a little too cluttered. Upper walls of cabinetry were popular for more traditional styles, but a modern kitchen is all about simplicity.

Open up the space a little bit by removing upper cabinets, which can free up wall space for better designs. You can even replace cabinets with open shelving to offer a less invasive way to store kitchen goods.

Swap Out Your Appliances

The modern-day is all about energy efficiency. Your older appliances may have a bigger impact on your carbon footprint than you might think. While appliances and fixtures aren’t always the most beautiful parts of your kitchen to work on, they are some of the most important. Try looking for more energy-efficient ovens, refrigerators, kitchen faucets, and plumbing systems.

Refresh Your Lighting

Your lighting can set the tone for the entire room. A great way to change the ambiance of the kitchen is to change out your lighting and install new lighting options around the kitchen. While lighting isn’t always the first thing you think of when you invest in a new and modern kitchen remodeling project, you will soon realize how important it is to the functionality of the entire space.

Overhead lights are great above the stove or underneath cabinets in order to see more clearly. A hanging light over the dining table can set an intimate mood and bring a sense of sophistication to the home. The type of light you use can make an impact too – try a warm light for relaxation and cold white light for focus.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tear Down Walls

Many older kitchens are small and separated into their own rooms because that is how a lot of homes were designed in past decades. Modern kitchens are designed to be more of an open-space, open-concept idea. To reduce the feeling of claustrophobia and clutter in your kitchen, try tearing down some of the walls. After all, seeing the dining room or the living room from your kitchen can make the house feel more like a big happy home.

Get a New Floor

You put your feet on it every day, and yet it goes largely ignored. You might tend to focus on other elements of the kitchen without realizing how important the floor is for tying your whole style together. Your outdated floor can be replaced with vinyl, rolled, or linoleum tile flooring for a more cohesive look. A flat, natural-looking surface can be popular across many different design choices.

Reflect the Peak of Modernity in Your Own Kitchen!

There are many ways to refresh your kitchen on a budget. From removing cabinets and walls to adding small details like lights and flooring, you can easily transform your dated kitchen into something new and exciting. LEICHT is your local resource for high-end modern kitchens in New York, ranging from German-inspired kitchen cabinets to new countertop options. Contact us today and learn how you can make your modern kitchen complete.

Kitchen Style Mistakes for 2021

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woman thinking about kitchen style mistakes for 2021

Building or renovating your kitchen can be a really exciting time. It can also be overwhelming if you are not an expert in interior design. While you should always incorporate your personal style, there are some definite things you should avoid. Below you will find the kitchen style mistakes for 2021.

Kitchen Style Mistakes for 2021 to Avoid

There are a wide variety of great style options, but you should avoid the following mistakes when renovating your kitchen.

All White Everything:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to your kitchen is settling for a basic all-white color scheme. This is an old and overused style that adds very little life to a busy space. Focus on texture and color even if you are set on a simple style. Adding color to your kitchen island or cupboards is a great start. You can also experiment with colorful rugs if you don’t want to make any permanent decisions.

All Style, No Function:

You need to assess your family’s personal needs. This includes your family size, how often you eat at home, how often you prepare food at home, and how much time you all spend in the space. For many families the kitchen is a catch-all place filled with eating, homework, and hanging out. Be sure and create a space that works for you and your family.

Too Small:

Having a space that is cluttered with very little space can be a problem. This is especially true if you often have multiple people in the kitchen. Create a kitchen space that allows for the needs of your home. This may mean that you need to have a larger kitchen island, or you may need to keep your counterspace clear.

Skimping on Cabinetry:

If you have one part of your kitchen that you can truly invest in, make it the cabinets. Not only should you focus on luxury kitchen cabinets that have style, but they should also be functional. Cabinetry can truly make or break your kitchen and investing in something that meets your needs and is beautiful is worth it.

Focusing on Resale:

If you don’t plan to move anytime soon, do not make your primary focus your home’s resale value and return on investment. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t plan on moving in three to four years you should not focus on resale. Most interior designers suggest that you style your kitchen every three to four years so enjoy your style for the next few years instead of living in a home you hope someone else likes.

Bypassing Lighting:

This doesn’t mean that lighting needs to be your focal point, but it does mean that you need to consider your unique kitchen’s needs. If you have a lot of windows and great sunlight that comes in, you don’t need to add too much lighting to your space. This can really help keep your kitchen looking sleek so you don’t have to have all that harsh light. If you don’t have a lot of natural sunlight that comes in, consider the most efficient spaces to place your lights so they add versus distract from your overall style.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

If you are considering a kitchen remodel and looking for new cabinetry, contact Kitchen Works LA as they can provide you with the best materials, designs, and customer service. Kitchen Works LA offers the best kitchen cabinets in the United States in both quality and innovation. They can help you elevate your modern kitchen cabinets to the next level. Choosing Kitchen Works LA for your kitchen needs is a great investment into your kitchen, and a benefit to the overall value of your home.