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How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

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Woman who knows how to organize kitchen cabinets

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about building a new kitchen?  How to organize your kitchen cabinets after you built it? Hmm.

Odds are, you’ve thought about cabinets before anything else. Indeed, cabinets are the heart of modular kitchens New York, and they provide the core of its functionality. Your cabinet space should be used wisely, whether you have a lot or a little. 

You may think your cabinets are fairly organized, but when is the last time you tried to reach for that one big pan in the very back, and you had a hard time getting to it? Your cabinets may be more cluttered than you think! 

Organizing them is not as overwhelming as it may seem. Below, you’ll find some of the best tips and tricks for cleaning and organizing your kitchen cabinets

Keep Dishes in the Drawers

Most homeowners like to keep their dinnerware in the cabinets. While this may make for a nice visual display, it costs you much more space than you may realize. By storing your dishes in pull-out drawers instead of stashing them in your overhead cabinets, you can save those big cabinets for the lesser-used supplies. 

With the drawers at a level that’s easier to reach, you will find it easier to organize and rearrange your dishes, even (and especially) if you use them often. 

No Space to Compartmentalize? Use a Vertical Separator!

It can be a challenge trying to store some of your more awkwardly-shaped items in a cabinet or drawer. For those things that are more vertically-inclined, you can use a separator to divide the cabinet into several long and narrow spaces. That will make it easy to store cookbooks, place settings, and other things that just don’t quite fit anywhere else. 

Take a page out of the Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen book for this one. This kitchen is a great example of how possible it is to be 100% functional without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. 

Use Lots of Labels

The label maker should be your best friend. It’s too easy to lose track of which items are brand-new and which are about to go expired. Those two half-full gallons of milk in the fridge? Well, one needs to be finished before the other. But how do you remember which is which?

Not to mention food and supplies storage. Those empty jars, bottles, and bins you use for leftovers or ingredients can get lost in the chaos of your cluttered cabinets. Some simple and small labels can help you organize things and recognize them on the spot. 

Add Pop-Up Shelves for More Space

Even if you are incredibly organized and your items are neatly stacked and folded in organized kitchen cabinets, there is still some extra space you aren’t taking advantage of. You might have all of your large bowls and cookware in the big cabinet, but all that stuff still leaves a foot or two of space from the top. 

This is where pop-up shelves come in! 

You can install additional wire shelving that can be used to hold up smaller items like cups, napkins, and dishes. This works for any kind of cabinet!

Alternate Your Cup Storage Direction

You may already have a good grasp on storage and how to organize kitchen cabinets, but you need a bit of tweaking so you can fit even more into your kitchen cabinets. What’s the one thing that most people say takes up the most amount of space fast? Cups and bowls! You can alleviate this frustration by alternating the direction you store your cups (face up or face down), which will actually create more space for storage. That way, you can fit more cups and bowls on the shelf at once. 

Use Your Cabinets to Their Full Potential!

Installing a new set of modern or luxury kitchen cabinets is like adding an exciting new chapter to your life. As a homeowner, you are increasing the value of your kitchen by updating and renovating your kitchen. By discovering more ways to organize kitchen cabinets and maximize your storage space, your kitchen will function more effectively than ever before.