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Best Color of Cabinets for Small Kitchen

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Cabinets in small kitchen

Interior design has focused on massive kitchens for so long that many people have forgotten the comfort and beauty of a small, functional kitchen. Unless you’re a chef, the vast majority of households don’t need their kitchen to be the size of an average one-bedroom apartment. In fact, these over-sized kitchens can take away from valuable living space and comfort-focused seating. Let’s look at the best color of cabinets for a small kitchen.

Best Color of Cabinets for Small Kitchen

The only downside of a small kitchen is that they require creativity and finesse if you want to create the illusion of space without sacrificing your aesthetic preferences. Fortunately, making a few smart color choices can really help to open up the space, leaving everything else to your imagination. These are some of the best cabinetry colors that will help to get you started.

Bright White

Bright white is the gold standard for really small kitchens. They reflect the most light, making the limited space feel open and welcoming. Leicht New York kitchen cabinets offer a number of bright white options with highly functional features in modern and traditional designs. Of course, bright white isn’t for everyone. So you may want to offset the stark appearance of your cabinetry with accent surfaces that better reflect your personal taste.


If you aren’t into the cold, modern feeling of bright white, then cream-colored cabinetry may suit you better. Cream can come with pink or brown undertones. This can allow you to create a range of different palettes in your kitchen. Pink-toned creams can be easily paired with other cool colors to create a beachy, seaside feel. Brown-toned creams can be used to create a warmer environment that feels more like a cozy chalet with traditional European kitchen cabinets.

Pale Green

For the naturalist, pale green cabinets are a great go-to. You can choose a more traditional mint or a pale green straight out of nature to give your kitchen a unique appearance without sacrificing any of the bright openness offered by white or cream. While mint is better suited to soft grays, natural greens are more likely to work with natural wood tones. Both approaches can be used to give your kitchen dimension, while emphasizing your good taste.

Pale Blue

Pale blues are there for the artists who have no desire to be calm with color. Depending on the undertone, there really is no limit to what you can include in a kitchen featuring pale blue cabinets. In some cases, where the kitchen has excellent lighting, you can even go with a more vivid blue. As long as it is offset by more reflective colors like bright white. Using blue in your kitchen is one of the easiest ways to make sure your kitchen is unique and memorable.

Dove Gray

A soft dove gray is a great choice for someone with a minimalist aesthetic. The color works well with stainless steel and offers a brightness similar to bright white without every fingerprint being instantly visible. In these kitchens the palette usually stays pretty neutral. To keep it interesting, you’ll want to experiment with texture and patterns. These can make your kitchen more visually stimulating without giving up the advantages of a neutral palette. To brighten your kitchen further, consider hanging a piece of framed artwork or using a colorful fruit bowl.

Picking the Right Color for Your Home

Some people can visualize a space without assistance and imagine exactly what it will all look like. However, they are the minority. The rest of us need a little help transforming our ideas into a reality. The good news is that you can use sample photos, swatches, and design services through your vendors to create a clear idea of what you want. Use these tools liberally until you find the right fit for you.

Can You Spray Paint Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

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Someone spray paint gloss their kitchen cabinets.

Painting over existing kitchen cabinets has been a hot DIY trend in recent years. But can you spray paint gloss kitchen cabinets? The appeal is easy to see. DIY bloggers make the process seem easy, quick, and cheap. Unfortunately, it is rarely all of those things for the average person taking on one of their first DIY projects. The truth is that painting over your kitchen cabinets isn’t a one-approach-fits-all situation, and it tends to be a lot more involved than newbies assume.

Can You Spray Paint Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

With that being said, it is definitely possible to spray paint your gloss kitchen cabinets if you’re looking for a relatively cheap, short-term way to change up the appearance of your kitchen.

What You Will Need:

  • All Surface Spray Paint (At least a ½ tin per cabinet)
  • Tons of Plastic Sheeting
  • Safety Goggles
  • Mask
  • Painters Tape
  • Basic Tool Kit
  • Fine Grain Sand Paper

The Process:

Remove All Hardware:

No one wants random paint flecks on their beautiful hardware. Before you even touch your first can of spray paint, get out your basic toolkit and remove your cabinets’ hardware. In most cases, all you’ll need is a Philips screwdriver. If your handles and pulls have different screws, keep them separately. Place all hardware in another room or in a sealed container.

Use Painter’s Tape to Cover Hinges

Unless you’re feeling like taking your cabinet doors off, then you’ll want to carefully cover your cabinet hinges in painter’s tape. Paint can easily work its way into the inner workings of your hinges, making them stick, so this is really important if you want your cabinets to open smoothly for years to come.

Cover the Rest of the Room in Plastic Sheeting

Spray paint goes EVERYWHERE. To protect the rest of the room from being covered in little specks of paint, you will want to cover literally everything that isn’t a cabinet in plastic sheeting. That includes your floor. Fortunately, plastic sheeting is fairly cheap, and it can usually be held in place with painter’s tape.

Follow Your Spray Paint’s Instructions

Now it’s time to put on your protective goggles and mask. You do not want to get spray paint in your eyes and lungs, so safety gear is a must. You should also make sure you have adequate airflow to prevent the build-up of chemicals in the room. If you have children or animals, they should be kept away in a well-ventilated area of your home.

Once all safety protocols are in place, read the instructions on your can of all surface spray paint. They will tell you how far to hold the can away from the intended surface. At that point, you can start painting. With any luck, your paint will dry fairly quickly because you will need it to dry in between coats. In most cases, you will need about three coats of paint to provide adequate coverage.

Sand Away Inconsistencies

Spray paint is great for eliminating visible brush strokes, but it isn’t perfect. There are going to be areas where it got a bit thicker or developed bumps. Fortunately, a super fine grain sandpaper can be easily used to create a more even surface. This particular step can be incredibly frustrating, but it’s necessary if you want attractive, modern kitchen cabinets.

DIY if You Dare

Ultimately, it is possible to give your cabinets a fresh look with some money and a lot of patience. Just keep in mind that spray painting your cabinets isn’t meant to be a long-term solution, and you will have to sand and repaint every few years to keep them looking nice. For many people, it is better to simply save up and purchase new cabinets if you want a new look to last. Leicht NY modern European kitchen cabinets merge an excellent aesthetic with new age functionality to make your kitchen truly stunning.

Signs it is Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

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Man starting to renovate your kitchen.

Have you been dealing with dilapidated cabinets and cracked countertops for a while? If so, you are overdue for a kitchen renovation. No matter your kitchen size, design needs, and financial constraints, it is more than possible to invest in a better kitchen. Let’s look at signs it is time to renovate your kitchen.

Signs it is Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

Even if your kitchen fixtures aren’t completely falling apart, there could be more subtle signs it is time to renovate your kitchen. Your space may be in bigger shambles than you thought; take a look at these sure-fire signs that it is time to invest in Leicht kitchens in New York.

You’re Out of Storage Space

Do you have nowhere to put your pots, pans, and plates? If you are out of storage space, you might be feeling frustrated with your kitchen. Even if you don’t cook a lot, you still need ample space to store and prepare things. It’s easy to add some storage space to your kitchen through cabinets and brand-new countertops. Once those dishes are out of sight and out of mind, you will immediately open up the space to more storage opportunities in the future.

You Have Outdated Appliances

All appliances, no matter how new or advanced, have an expiration date. If you’ve been dealing with the same stove and dishwasher for many years, it’s probably time for a change. Dishwashers stop working properly over time, and they won’t give your dishes the thorough rinse they used to. Not to mention, when your appliances break down, it is often far more expensive to fix them than to just purchase a new machine altogether.

You Hate Your Kitchen Layout

Maybe you are just fed up with the layout of your kitchen. It may be difficult to navigate or you just don’t like the way it is designed. Not only can kitchen layouts cause health hazards, but poor design can lead you to abandon the space altogether. The stove may be in an inconvenient spot, or it’s hard to reach the fridge with the countertop in the way. It’s time to rearrange the layout to create a safer, more efficient, and more beautiful space for you to enjoy.

Old Designs are Decreasing in Value

Everyone has their own unique aesthetic preferences. No matter what your taste is, it is difficult to enjoy an outdated kitchen. Old wallpaper, bad tile flooring, and crumbling backsplashes are not just dangerous for your physical health, but your financial health as well. The more outdated your kitchen materials are, the lower the overall value of your home will be. Investing in a renovation project doesn’t have to break the bank, and can even help you earn more money in the long run.

You Never Use Your Kitchen

If for one reason or another, you just hate your kitchen, you probably end up never using it. An unused kitchen will start to lose value quickly. Not to mention, it’s never fun to have a room with so much stagnant energy in it! You deserve to enjoy your kitchen to the fullest. If replacing counters and cabinets will help you reimagine and reclaim the space, it is well worth the upfront cost.

Find the Best Modern Kitchen Designs at Leicht!

You’ve known for a while that a kitchen renovation is long overdue. Whether you have crumbling countertops or outdated appliances, you may be starting to realize that you are not making the most of your kitchen space. It’s time to revitalize your kitchen with a breath of fresh air – and brand new modern kitchen cabinets. Get in touch with our Leicht experts today for a full consultation. Discover how you can reinvent and remodel your kitchen to suit your changing needs.