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Living Room Accent Furniture Tips

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Living room accent furniture tips

When furnishing a room, there are plenty of design choices to consider. Most of your furniture is divided into two categories: functional and accent furniture. Functional pieces are those main pieces of furniture that you will actually be putting to use, such as your couch, coffee table, and rocking chair. To make it all work, you will need some living room accent furniture tips.

Accent furniture, on the other hand, serves a complementary function. Accent furniture should come with great decorative and design value that can elevate the overall look of your living room.

Below, our A. Rudin design experts have gathered the best tips on using accent furniture in the living room. The beauty of accent furniture is that it can be any size or serve any function!

Set a Definitive Style

Accent furniture only works if it works well with everything else in your room. Before selecting the pieces you want in your living room, make sure they are all contributing to a cohesive style.

There are plenty of design trends and styles to choose from. Some homeowners are in love with the modern, contemporary look, while others opt for a country farmhouse style. No matter what you choose, your furniture and decorations need to match that style.

Go Big or Go Home

Accent furniture doesn’t mean small furniture. You can also go big with dramatic and imposing furniture. For example, what living room is complete without a display cabinet? An ornate china cabinet or a multi-colored armoire can be the perfect addition to your living room, as it enriches the aesthetic look of the space and gives you and your guests something to admire.

Choose Complementary Colors

Is most of your living room furniture muted with natural tones? Then your accent pieces should be the opposite – loud, colorful, and striking. On the other hand, if your main furniture is the star of the show with bold colors and intricate patterns, your accent furniture can take a back seat – literally – with softer colors and smaller shapes. It’s a great idea to add some imposing pieces to your room, whether they be the accent pieces or part of the area’s main design.

Accent colors need to create a contrast between the central color schemes of the room. The Spruce offers more insight on how to use accent colors in every room of the home!

It’s in the Little Things

You don’t need to make a heavy investment in accent furniture when one or two accents can do the trick. If you aren’t looking to go big and bold, there are plenty of ways to add a pop of color on the cheap. Try bright, bold, or colorful pillows on your couches, or invest in a decorative upholstery pattern for your side chairs.

Some other small decorative items and pieces of furniture you can fill the room with include:

  • Bowls and vases
  • Birdcages or terrariums
  • Lunch trays
  • Hanging decorations
  • Candles
  • Baskets and bins

Don’t forget to add natural elements like plants, flowers, and even some potpourri to create a pleasing smell in the room.

Remember to Think About Scale

Before deciding whether you’re going for the bold and dramatic look or more muted tones, analyze the scale of the room. There’s no point in adding large pieces of accent furniture if it will disrupt the overall balance and stuff up the space.

There are design rules that you can adhere to, but a good general rule of thumb is that coffee tables should be shorter in length than the sofa, and wall art should be much smaller than the wall it is hanging on.

Choose the Right Accent Furniture Today!

Congratulations on picking up these living room accent furniture tips. At A. Rudin, we are happy to match you with high-end accent furniture and luxury design options to help you make the most of your space. Whether you need to furnish an entire room, or you are just looking to add a few spectacular pieces to your collection, A. Rudin has the right collection for you. Get more info online or contact us at (310) 659-2388 to speak with an expert today.