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Types of Wood Finishes

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Both new and old homeowners love wood furniture. Wooden furniture can add elegance and style to your home and increase its aesthetic value. The true value of wooden furniture, however, is about more than just the wood itself – it’s also about the finish you use. The wood’s surface is treated with a finish to improve its texture, color, and smoothness. The natural wood beneath can also be protected by finishing. Let’s see some types of wood finishes.

Types of Wood Finishes

The options available to you when it comes to choosing your wood finish can seem overwhelming. How can you choose the right color or texture? What color will go best with your home’s overall theme? Our high-end furniture experts can help find the right types of wood finishes that work best for your own floor. Keep reading to learn about the process of finishing and select a material that works best for you.

Why Use a Wood Finish?

It is difficult to choose a wood finish. A wood finish protects natural wood from the elements, in addition to its aesthetic value. A wood finish can protect wooden furniture from:

  • High heat can cause blisters, scratches, and blemishes.
  • Accidental spills can cause stains.
  • Temperature changes can cause bulging and contraction.
  • Dryness can cause cracking or splitting of wood.

It is common sense to protect wooden furniture. You have the option to choose the color or style of finish that you would like to protect your furniture over the years.

What are the Different Types of Wood Finishes?

There are many types of wood finishes. Home Depot explains how different wood finishes can have different effects and serve different purposes. Let’s look at the most popular wood finishes available for your floors today:

Surface Finish

The surface finish allows the natural beauty of wood furniture to shine through. This type of finish is extremely durable and is recommended for furniture that has a hard surface. You might, for example, apply a surface finish to a wood desk or a worktop that you get a lot of use out of.

Penetrating Finish

This finish is great for hardwood. The reason is that the finish penetrates the wood to cure it. It also hardens to provide additional protection and fortification. DuraSeal claims that the penetrating finishing is suitable for wooden floors and country-themed furniture since there is a visible added layer that some find to be aesthetically appealing.

Natural Finish

A warm-colored finish is applied to the tops of wooden furniture. The natural wood color underneath is enhanced and the sheen of the finish keeps the surface shiny forever. It protects the wood from any damage or deterioration. This is the best option for those who don’t want a visible layer of finish on top of their wooden floors.

Reactive Finish

Reactive finishes are interesting because they apply a chemical process on the wood’s surface. The chemical process changes the wood’s color and texture while fortifying it underneath. Varnishes and oil-based finishes are often reactive and work to protect and cure the wood.

Get the Right Wood Finish for Your Floors Today

There are many options available for wood finishes. Our experts will help you match your furniture’s style and tone with the right finish. To make wood last long, you need to finish it with the perfect finishing product. There are a few specific types of finishes that can enhance the look and lifetime of your wood.

Learn more about the perfect material for your own floor and browse our selection of luxury finishes for furniture at your earliest convenience. Our experts will be happy to help you make informed decisions regarding your floor and natural wooden surfaces with different treatment options. Get in touch with us today to be matched with an A. Rudin expert for a consultation!

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Are Quartz Countertops Made of Real Stone?

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There are many divided schools of thought when it comes to quartz countertops. The quality and durability of these countertops are unmatched – not to mention, they look beautiful atop your kitchen counters! However, the question is often asked: Are quartz countertops made out of real stone?

Join us below as we delve into the makings of quartz countertops. Are they made of real stone, or are they a composite mix of everything together? You have a variety of countertop options at your disposal, and it can be beneficial to know your make and materials before getting started on a new kitchen project.

The Truth About Quartz

Of course, quartz is the main ingredient of quartz countertops – where else would they get their namesake?

However, these countertops aren’t entirely made of quartz. Instead, about 10% of the overall countertop is made out of a poly or cement binder, which holds the real quartz and other materials together. This binding material is necessary in order to keep the integrity of your countertops intact and to provide extra durability and heat protection to give you the quality you deserve.

What does this mean for the other 90% of the countertop?

A Healthy Mix

Most quartz countertops aren’t pure quartz. The 90% of the countertop that isn’t the cement binder is a crushed-up mix of the following materials:

● Quartz
● Granite
● Marble
● Stone
● Industrial waste
● Other natural materials

There’s more than one reason why your quartz countertop is one-of-a-kind. In truth, each countertop offers a natural mix of materials that can leave you with a beautiful and unique color pattern.

Some homeowners become disappointed to know that their quartz countertops are not made of solid quartz; however, this healthy mix of granite, marble, and other types of stone can offer some diversity and strength, making your countertop one that will outlast its competitors in both beauty and functionality.

Other Common Misnomers About Quartz Countertops

Did you know that quartz is all around you? It’s true; this versatile material is used for more than just your countertops. In fact, many public spaces invest in the use of quartz for their walkways, flooring, walls, tabletops, and more.

Next time you go to your local shopping mall, take a look at the ground under your feet. Odds are it’s made of a combined mix of engineered stone, mixed with quartz, granite, and other composite materials for a tough yet beautiful walkway.

Quartz and Granite Work Together

Decades ago, quartz and granite were huge competitors in the home renovation industry. Prices were made to outsell one another, and different companies offered different composite mixes to suit your needs. But in today’s industry, these two titans of countertops are no longer at war with each other.

Of course, there’s still the argument over which material is better, but for the most part, people have already decided on one material or the other. In fact, as you now know with the majority of quartz countertops, quartz and granite are combined together to make something beautiful, strong, and affordable on the market.

Get Your Custom Quartz Countertop Today!

Vadara Quartz takes pride in each and every countertop they fabricate to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for something that brings out the best of both worlds with quartz and granite, or you are interested in learning more about what rock combinations we have to offer, you can find what you are looking for with Vadara. Vadara’s quartz countertops are unmatched on the market, with a quality guarantee that will last you for years to come. To learn more, please contact them online or call at (844) 482-3272.

Kitchen Trends on the Horizon for 2019

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A kitchen remodel is a costly investment that can pay off when reselling, if you choose the new elements smartly. To start, ask yourself these three questions:

1. What are my goals for my new kitchen?
2. What elements are tired or inefficient that I would like to see go?
3. What do I think is missing from my current kitchen?

Think in terms of both form and function. Whether you are planning a complete kitchen remodel or are just looking to update your appliances for 2019, LEICHT LA is the place to go to find the hottest trends for designer kitchens in Los Angeles.

Quartz Countertops

Countertop materials “come and go,” but there’s “no end in sight” for the “brilliant finish” of quartz countertops [decoraid.]” LEICHT LA has partnered with Vadara Quartz — the quartz surface specified by architects, interior designers, and retail kitchen designers nationally. Vadara Quartz is the choice of individuals seeking the best in both quality and style. It is built with the highest level of workmanship, technology, and environmental care. If you are building, planning, or dreaming about designer kitchens in Los Angeles, view Vadara Quartz’s stunning quartz countertop color collections.

Meanwhile, the granite that was so popular in the 1990s and early 2000s continues to fade away. Some of the reasons not to go with granite are:

1. It is a very porous material which collects bacteria easily
2. It can make your kitchen appear “ordinary”
3. It can date your kitchen

Colors that Evoke Emotion

Another era of white kitchen-building has come to an end. “While there’s no denying the timeless appeal of the ultra-bright, white kitchen,” it’s time to make way for something… moodier. When creating designer kitchens in 2019, go for “nuance” and emotional appeal to “create a sense of elevated energy [decoraid.]”

Consider Night Watch (pictured here,) one of Pantone’s 2019 colors of the year. It’s a new take on a rich hunter green that should be used in a large room because it’s intensity can overpower small ones.

Other, more resonant, colors for a 2019 kitchen include warm terracotta and black.


2019 Showrooms have been full of matte cabinetry and appliances that have a “slick allure.” They also happen to be easier to keep clean and are fingerprint-free. Their endlessly “cool” appeal makes them a versatile choice for designer kitchens in Los Angeles. LEICHT modular kitchen cabinets come in a variety of finishes and can be customized to suit your style preference. Make them matte!

Minimalism, Hygge, and Mindfulness

“As minimalism continues to blaze a clutter-free path through the interiors world, it is taking shape in the kitchen through a no upper cabinet trend [interiorsonline.]”

The Danish concept of hygge (hoo-guh) has been prominent in recent years due to an interest in wellness and a focus on “the need for a calm, cozy retreat.” Hygge isn’t going anywhere. In the kitchen, this means anything that creates a calm and reflective sanctuary: a variety of herbal teas, a pretty teapot and saucers, a nice coffee maker from Miele, evocative wall art, and soothing, warm colors.

The mindfulness trend of recent years also continues in the kitchen. “According to Pinterest trend research, +248% people more than last year have searched for “mindfulness” decor in the home decor category [italianbark].” Mindful kitchens are organized, clean, and clutter free. Modular cabinetry from LEICHT LA creates the perfect worry-free look for designer kitchens in Los Angeles.

Stainless Steel is Dead

Stainless steel appliances, finishes, and fixtures have stuck around for a long time. It’s been a nice ride, but it had to end sometime. There’s a point when any design trend reaches a level of saturation and we all get tired of seeing it. That has happened with stainless steel.

Design experts propose interesting alternatives: “pieces that are more simple in standard neutral tones,” or “wild…colorful…patterned…elements for the ultimate in conversation starting statements [decoraid.]”

Designer Kitchens in Los Angeles

Kitchenworks Los Angeles is the exclusive dealer of LEICHT Kitchens. LEICHT is a German line of modular cabinetry that comes in many different finishes and can be easily customized to suit your tastes. From West Hollywood to Malibu and beyond, LEICHT showrooms highlight the simple beauty and style of modern design. Calculate the price of your dream kitchen here today!