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Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen

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Many people have begun to spend more time at home over the last few years. Staying at home more often results in a lot more home-cooked meals. Creating a kitchen that feels chic and modern is important with how much time is spent in the space. If yours looks outdated, consider the following ways to modernize your kitchen.

Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a common place where most families spend a substantial amount of time. From preparing meals and eating to socializing and doing homework, it’s important to feel comfortable in your kitchen. Consider the following ways to modernize your kitchen this year!

New Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets take up a substantial amount of space in your kitchen. Old cabinets can make your kitchen look dated. Upgrading your kitchen can be easily achieved with modern kitchen cabinets. There are a number of options that can elevate the look of your kitchen. Whether you choose all white, wood, or even mix-and-match, there are a number of options that can help you create a contemporary style kitchen in Los Angeles.

Replace Metals in Your Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen metals can have a dramatic effect on the entire space. Some metals can make your kitchen look outdated. However, they are a really easy way to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank. Consider replacing your lighting fixtures, range hood, and any metals on your kitchen cabinetry. Matte aluminum, stainless steel, brushed gold, and copper are great options.

New Kitchen Appliances

Some appliances can last decades if taken care of. If your appliances have been working overtime, consider replacing them and getting new ones. Not only do new appliances operate optimally due to energy-efficient technology, they can also modernize the look of your kitchen. Whether it’s your fridge, oven, or dishwasher, consider the benefits of incorporating new appliances in your kitchen.

Replace Kitchen Flooring

Flooring is another key indicator of how dated or modern your kitchen looks. Just like your countertops, your flooring can make a huge impact on the way your kitchen looks. Materials such as wood, tile, or stone are timeless and can outlast numerous kitchen trends.

New Countertops

New counters can upgrade the look of your kitchen. Cheap vinyl or tile-and-grout countertops look outdated and can be difficult to keep in good shape. There are a number of options that can improve the look of your kitchen such as marble, granite, or quartz. Each offers unique benefits and can modernize the look of your kitchen.

Update Kitchen Lighting

Many people overlook upgrading their kitchen lighting. However, updating your lighting can have a dramatic impact on your kitchen. Not only can you replace your lighting, but you can add more if your kitchen is particularly dark. Adding lighting under your upper cabinets can light up your countertops. Additionally, pendant lighting can illuminate your kitchen island. Consider improving your kitchen lighting to enhance the look of the space.

Paint Kitchen Walls

Sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money to modernize your kitchen. In fact, a fresh coat of paint can light up your kitchen. Coordinating the color of your kitchen with the surrounding rooms can create a smooth flow between rooms. When painting, consider a complementary contrast color to illuminate certain areas of your kitchen such as the island or backsplash.

Add Kitchen Decor

While your kitchen is a productive space, it doesn’t have to be boring. Adding decor can modernize your kitchen space and add some flair to it. Adding a vase of flowers, shelves with plants, artwork, a fancy bowl filled with fruit, or showcasing your cookbooks can all add to the look of your kitchen. Some of these additions can be repurposed items from other parts of your house.

Best Seating Arrangements for Your Kitchen

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How much time do you spend in your kitchen? Do you love to prepare dinners for your family or entertain guests on a weekly basis? Do you gather with your loved ones to talk about daily plans? If you think about it, the kitchen is one of the most communal and familial places in the entire home.

It’s a place of gathering, comfort, and care. It’s where food and drinks are prepared, giving you nourishment and sustaining you comfortably.

But it can be very difficult to gather in the kitchen when there’s no place to sit.

Transform your cooking space into a full eat-in kitchen with these best kitchen seating arrangement ideas and help from LEICHT modern kitchens!

Kitchen Seating Arrangements

Bar Stools

Do you have an island or a counter with a bar? Is there an elevated space where you can enjoy a quick bite or a drink? Why not add a couple of bar stools to any space that fits. Not only does this provide you with a convenient place to sit, but it can actually really elevate the value and appeal of your kitchen. Adding a few bar stools can transform your kitchen into an aesthetically-pleasing space that people will want to sit in for some time.


Houseopedia defines a banquette as a bench or window-seat booth that acts as the perfect seating space for small kitchens. And we couldn’t agree more; the banquette is a great solution for you if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Plus, it proves that anything can be done no matter what size your kitchen is.

Make the most efficient use of your kitchen space by adding some seating in any nook or cranny you have available. This can be a bench under the windowsill or a small table and chairs in the corner of the kitchen. Most popular banquettes are L-shaped or rounded to fit whatever space is available.

Kitchen Booth

When you visit a restaurant and you’re asked for your preference between a table and a booth, it’s likely that you will pick a booth if it’s available. Most people prefer being seating in a comfy upholstered booth with just a pinch of privacy to make it an exclusive dining experience.

You can bring that same dining experience home to your kitchen with your very own kitchen booth! This is one of the most unique kitchen seating arrangements.

It’s an enclosed space that offers an intimate spot for dining and chatting, and you can build it to seat as many people as you want. This brings a leisurely touch to your kitchen, as well as a versatile one that can boost the value of your space.


If you have a large family or you just want to ditch the barriers, you can install a picnic-style bench in your kitchen. This will transform it into a fun and lively place to sit, eat, chat, and enjoy the company of others.

Plus, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing a bench. For example, you can have a bench on one side of the table and some chairs on the other. Or, the bench can come attached to the table to be used indoors and outdoors. The fun part about benches is that you can really get creative.

Modern Kitchens with LEICHT

LEICHT is a leader in modern luxury cabinets and kitchen displays of all sorts. If you are looking to invest in a functional, stylish, and streamlined kitchen design, this is a great place to start.

Installing new seating arrangements can make your kitchen look and feel better, and can even increase its overall value. If you’re ready to elevate your kitchen to the next level, contact LEICHT online to speak with a representative or request a free design catalog.