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Copper vs. PEX: Which Should You Choose for Repiping?

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Taking on a repiping project for your home can be stressful and time-consuming. Before the work can begin, you must meet with plumbing and piping specialists to understand how your system works. The most difficult decisions that you will make are choosing the right solution for your piping replacement. This goes along with picking the right kind of piping to install and trusting the best team of specialists to help. Get the answers you need from a certified Los Angeles plumber when you choose Henrik Plumbing for your next repiping job today!

What’s the Best Method to Utilize for Repiping?

The length of work time will depend on how much of your piping needs to be removed, and what area of the house the workers will need to complete the job. If only a partial project is necessary, the work can be done in a day or two. Any water shut off could be scheduled for a busy time in your day, so that the disruption does not affect your schedule.

When the project requires a large or full piping replacement, the work could take between a few days to a week. Testing that requires turning off the water can still be scheduled for the middle of the day to decrease lifestyle interruptions. You should also prepare to have your home ready for the workers before they begin. This should include moving furniture out of the rooms that are being worked in and covering furniture. Leaving your couches and tables out in the repiping rooms will not only get in the way of the workers, but the chance of them getting damaged is also high. If you are doing a full repiping throughout your home, moving furniture may happen in a shifting schedule. This way, your furniture can sit in one room while another is being repiped. Find out more about a variety of repiping services by visiting Henrik Plumbing.

Is Copper or PEX Piping Better?

Once you have determined the kind of repiping project you are undertaking, you will need to decide on the material for your pipes. There is a common debate between copper and PEX repiping for installation because both products have pros and cons. PEX repiping is more of a tube because it is made from nonmetal materials. This makes PEX piping durable and resistant to mineral buildup that can occur in copper piping. It is also freezing \-resistant for customers who live in colder regions, and it is flexible, so fitting the PEX during a project is not an issue.

However, one main complaint that PEX customers experience is the decrease in water efficiency. PEX piping connects through an internal rigging, which causes water flow to be delayed. Copper repiping has external connections. Additionally, copper pipes can withstand more extreme temperatures (highs and lows.) However, copper is slightly more expensive than PEX piping in some installation situations and it can begin to corrode over a period of time, causing the need for eventual replacement. Don’t guess when it comes to deciding what piping material and method your home will need. Get expert advice and an incredible team when you choose Henrik Plumbing for your next repiping project!