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The Benefits of Stone Furniture

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Benefits of stone furniture.

There is a lot of beautiful furniture available on the market, but there are two issues that constantly crop up: durability and homogeneity. When it comes to decorating your home, there are just too many options that look almost exactly the same. That is why we are going to cover the benefits of stone furniture.

If you go with what is currently available at most retailers, you are more likely than not to find your kitchen, dining room, and living room looking eerily similar to that of your friends and family who might have also recently redecorated. Even worse, your furniture may not be built to last, and you could end up with décor that looks decades old after just a few years.

Fortunately, there is one way you can:

  • Class up your home
  • Achieve a unique look
  • Get all the benefits of durability at the same time

By including a few iconic stone furniture pieces, you can design a room that truly stands out from the rest and never compromises on quality. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want your couch built out of stone. But you might be surprised at just how beautiful sintered stone furniture looks in your home.

Looking at Stone in a New Way

When people talk about stone furniture, many seem to associate it will dull, concrete surfaces. Rough edges, awful textures. No one would want to incorporate that into their design unless they’re going for an intense industrial feel. However, that is not at all what most stone furniture looks or feels like. Due to technological advances, manufacturers can give stone furniture almost any look you want. It can mimic wood or granite. It can be colored or flecked with gold

That being said, there is one substantial downside. Most stone furniture is very heavy. The bases that support the stone surface and even the floor of your home may need extra support. This support needs to hold the weight of thick, traditional stone furniture. Fortunately, one manufacturer found a solution that virtually removes this concern. Neolith stone design comes in three different thicknesses, with indoor furniture slabs at a minimal thickness of a mere 3 millimeters. This is exponentially thinner than other stone furniture slabs. As a result, Neolith stone furniture is lighter than you ever thought possible. And will most likely require no additional support.

This ultra-thin option comes with no drawbacks, keeping all the benefits of stone furniture. You have all the same color possibilities and even more textures to choose from. From the rough, tactile texture of river-washed stone to the glossy polish of nanotech, Neolith stone furniture can be designed to fit any style without ever compromising quality.

Caring for Stone

Given stone’s clear benefits as far as design and durability go, you may have questions regarding maintenance. For those who have struggled to keep glass streak-free or prevent scratches on wood surfaces, keeping stone furniture looking like new is a walk in the park. It requires minimal maintenance. Wiping it down with a mild detergent mixed with water can usually be done once a day to keep the surface clean. Additionally, you should have your indoor stone furniture sealed once a year to prevent staining and other permanent damage. Stone outdoor furniture may require a little more care and more frequent sealing depending on the frequency of use and level of sun exposure. But you can discuss this with the installer based on your specific location.

Ultimately, stone furniture is a great solution for balancing your desire for beautiful décor that stands out from the crowd with your daily sanity. With its low maintenance and wide range of visual possibilities, what’s not to love?