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Should You be Airing out Your House?

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Whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, airing out your home is a vital key to keeping a steady and fresh air flow throughout your home. During the warmer months of the year, this may seem like a no-brainer — letting a cool breeze flow in through your kitchen window in the sweltering heat of summer is a welcomed idea. Letting that same breeze creep in during the dead of winter is another story. However, letting in a fresh flow of air in the winter is perhaps the most important time to crack that window. In any case, airing out your home should be a daily chore, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Why Ventilate?

Letting a steady flow of air into your home is important because it helps to remove excess moisture that may become trapped inside. Moisture caused by humidity and everyday living begins to build and tuck itself away in corners and crevices. This eventually manifests as mold, which can severely affect your breathing and overall health. Yes, even in the winter! Even though you may feel like the air is dry in your home in the winter, mold can develop easily at this time because most people aren’t opening their doors and windows to the outside, frigid air. Instead, they’re thinking about keeping the heat they paid for trapped inside. But trapping mold in your home is the last thing you want to do in the winter. In this case, you may want to opt in for a deep steam cleaning in Beverly Hills. Steam Pro takes care of all your cleaning needs: from carpets to rugs, upholstery, mattress, hardwood floors, and even air ducts, so you can say goodbye to pesky dust and mold before it even arrives.

Another reason to ventilate your home is that stale air, or trapped air, has a lower oxygen level, making it harder for you to breathe. The air that stays in one place with no room to move or flow, gets “used” over and over, and therefore loses its oxygen supply. Nobody wants to breathe in stale air — after a while, you’ll begin to notice how it seriously affects your breathing. Letting a healthy flow of oxygen in the air is important to keep you breathing and operating at your best.

When Should You Air Out Your House?

Airing out your house is important all year round. As mentioned before, most people are hesitant to open their windows in the winter because they want to keep their house warm and cozy. While this is understandable, it’s important to crack a door or window for at least a few minutes each day during these cold months. Ventilating in the spring, summer, or fall is also important. Letting all that damp air out the window ensures that mold build-up won’t occur and the air flow in your home is fresh, allowing you to stay healthy and breathe easily. In addition, letting a little bit of air flow through a cracked window at night will probably help you sleep better, providing you with a fresh amount of oxygen.

Other Options

If you have very few windows in your home or ventilating certain rooms is difficult, you can try installing a ventilation system in your home. You may also want to purchase a dehumidifier for those areas filled with more moisture than normal to reduce the possibility of mold and dust mites forming. Using a fan to circulate the airflow in your home is also key to ventilation.
Another option to prevent dust and mold from forming is making sure you are cleaning your home efficiently. Don’t be ashamed to hire a professional. Those hard to reach places, like the bottom of a mattress, upholstered chairs and the cracks between tiles are all areas that mold can easily form. With a deep steam cleaning in Beverly Hills, you can be on your way to breathing and living easier.

While ventilation is very important and should be on your to-do list every day, it’s not always the best way to get in those hard to reach areas. Keeping up with cleaning is also key to getting rid of dust and mold. Steam Pro cares about the quality of air in your home, which is why they provide the best deep steam cleaning in Beverly Hills. If you’re looking to get rid of pesky dust mites and mold, or just prevent them from happening, call today for a free quote (1-877-STEAMPRO) or visit their website to find out more.