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Top Kitchen Layout Mistakes

Kitchen remodeling is the most popular home renovation project in the world. No matter how large or small your kitchen is or how many changes you make to its overall appearance, it’s a fun process to completely renovate such an important part of the house. Watch out for these top kitchen layout mistakes.

Top Kitchen Layout Mistakes

The key to a successful kitchen design is to use premium brands, quality materials, and experienced contractors to help you get the job done right. But that’s not the only thing you should consider; it can be a daunting task to plan and execute a full remodel on your own, so knowing what to do (and what not to do) will help you achieve much more success with this project. Today, leading modular cabinets experts will highlight some of the top kitchen layout mistakes that you should avoid before starting your renovation.

Mistake #1: Constricting Traffic Flow

It’s tempting to add to your kitchen but remember to do it in moderation. You can easily get too involved in your project if you add so many decorations and pieces of furniture that you can no longer move around comfortably in the space. For example, adding an island or a row of extra drawers can limit traffic flow by making walkways and aisles too narrow. You need to rethink your remodeling plans if you can barely squeeze between the refrigerator and the island chairs to reach the other side of the kitchen.

Mistake #2: Not Considering Furniture Design or Architecture

Most homeowners are unfamiliar with the term architectural integrity when they embark on their first major kitchen remodel. Without understanding that the flow of the building needs to work in harmony with furniture and other installations, they are left with a kitchen that is not worth the money because it does not match the rest of the home. Be sure that your design plans are in sync with your overall personality and style.

Mistake #3: Forgetting Storage Space

Storage space is an integral part of kitchens of all sizes. You may be so focused on the other features that you forget to consider this one. After all is said and done, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to lack enough storage space because they were not confident about their cabinetry options.

Remember that your kitchen renovation can be a great opportunity to increase the amount of storage space in your home. Not only will this help you put away items that don’t need to be left sitting out, but it will also greatly improve the value of your home should you sell it in the future. It’s not necessary to make major changes; even small additions like rotating racks or pantry pull-outs can be a big help in adding ample cabinet space to the kitchen.

Mistake #4: Forgetting the Countertops

You might be tempted by the idea of removing some countertops if you’re going for a minimalist look or want a kitchen with an open concept. However, you may come to regret removing counter space when you find yourself short of space the next time you prepare a meal.
Even if you’re not a big cook, a fully functional kitchen needs enough counter space to set items on. Counter space is a flat, sturdy surface where you can store things, work, cook, or even decorate. Many homeowners sacrifice counter space when installing appliances, amenity systems, recessed cabinetry, and other features they use far less than simple kitchen countertops. So don’t forget to choose the right stone slab to finish the job with!

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