What is Pipe Bursting?

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When the piping that lines your home becomes worn out, broken or even just outdated, it’s important that they are replaced to ensure that no serious and expensive damage occurs in the foundational structure of your house. There are a few ways to tackle this problem, but one of the newest and most effective is pipe bursting. Pipe bursting should never be conducted without a professional, but when it is done properly, you will benefit from the customized precision.

Because pipe bursting is a newer technique, it can be confusing if you have never heard of it before. If you are looking for a certified Los Angeles plumber, call Nautilus today to set up a time for a professional to inspect your pipes now!

A Closer Look at Pipe Bursting

When you hear the phrase ‘pipe bursting’ you might think that this is a diagnosis of your piping system instead of a solution. The truth is, pipe bursting is a method that plumbers use as a replacement solution to physically digging up the pipelines of your home. Before the pipe bursting method, the pipes of your home would be dug out in a trench, then removed and replaced. This process could take days at a time and would leave your home and your family exposed to an unsightly open trench until the pipe could be covered up again.

Instead of this invasive method, pipe bursting was created to minimize the damage to lawns, and decrease the amount of time and energy necessary to replace old or worn down piping. When your plumber decides to burst your pipes, they will find access points at each end of your pipes, make small holes in your lawn in order to find them, and carefully burst the pipe before immediately replacing it with the new pipe through a chain method. The new piping is pulled into place as the old pipe is removed.

Homeowners love this inventive method, as it means far less work is necessary to replace their pipes, and they do not have to suffer through the process of an open trench and trying to restore their lawns back to former glory. If you think your pipes need to be replaced, don’t leave the job up to just any Los Angeles plumber, contact Nautilus Plumbing today to have a certified and highly rated plumber inspect your home piping system now.

When you call your professional Los Angeles plumber to perform a pipe bursting replacement, you will most likely be able to choose from two different methods of bursting. The first is a hydraulic method, which is primarily used to replace sewer lines and employs a set of hydraulic cylinders to break and burst the piping.

The second is a static method, which is mainly used to burst water and gas piping, utilizes a powerful winch or a high-tension drum to break and burst the pipes. Deciding between the two is an important decision, so if you are unsure, talk with your plumber to get their best opinion on which method will be the best solution for your home and pipe variety. These two methods are the most utilized because of their specialized bursting capabilities for your pipes, and their ability to burst and replace pipe simultaneously. As the pipe is broken and pulled out of place, new piping is laid in the same pulling motion. This makes the replacement simple and effective for both you and your plumber.

Consider Nautilus for your plumbing needs by calling or visiting online to book your next pipe inspection!

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