What Makes Furniture European?

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Illustration of furniture that is European in front of cafe.

Any homeowner looking to enjoy a life of luxury will know a thing or two about European kitchens. Certain styles, materials, and manufacturing methods have been brought over from the European continent to emphasize the fine art of the modern kitchen. But what exactly are European kitchen cabinets, and what makes furniture European in the first place?

What Makes Furniture European?

There are several unique elements that make up luxury European kitchen cabinets. Learn what makes Euro-style kitchen furniture a must-have for homeowners seeking to spruce up their kitchen design.

Individual Characteristics

European cabinets appear in a unique style that differentiates them from other kitchen furniture styles. A mix of form, fashion, and function make Euro-style cabinets a sophisticated choice on the market.

European cabinets are:

  • Minimalist. European houses are often tiny as there is little space to continue to expand. Residents of many different countries have learned to make the most out of a smaller space, contributing to the popular minimalist movement of kitchen cabinets.
  • Frameless. Another nod to minimalism, these cabinets are not set up with traditional frames, making them more adaptable and flexible when it comes to installation.
  • Expanded. European cabinets often have a far bigger interior due to the fact that there is less exterior framing. They can appear invisible or hidden in your kitchen while also providing ample space for storage and the like.

European cabinets have quickly grown in popularity throughout the United States and the entire world due to their flexibility of space and style.

Hidden Hinges

One thing that makes European cabinets stand out from the rest is the hinges – or lack of them. Going back to 18th-Century European furniture styles, there is a clear trend in hiding the hinges behind the facade of the cabinets. This is another step towards modernism and minimalism that is consistently sleek.

Hidden hinges and the lack of a cabinet frame are not just fashion statements; they are utility boosts. You can store more things while your cabinets ultimately weigh less than with other styles. This is the best way to stay on top of modern design while making the most out of your kitchen space.

Extra Personalization

It remains customary in Europe for homeowners to purchase homes or apartments not yet furnished with cabinets. They then like to personalize their space with custom-made modern kitchen cabinets. This is the essence of European style. And it is something that many American homeowners look forward to when renovating their own kitchens.

Again, the emphasis on less weight and more space is emphasized through the sleek design. You can enjoy your cabinets in almost any shape and style to suit the design of your kitchen. They can have further customization with their own graining, styling, and finish.

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