Where to Place your Bed

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After purchasing high end luxury furniture, you will want to make sure to arrange it in the best possible way. A room design feature that many people struggle with is bed placement. The best orientation for a bed in any bedroom depends many things, including how much floor space you have available, what architectural features your room presents, and your personal preferences which may involve spiritual factors such as Feng Shui. Only one thing is for sure: when placing furniture in your bedroom, you should situate the bed first, then arrange the remaining furniture around it.

Following Traditional Placement Guidelines

In a traditional bedroom, the bed is placed perpendicular to the longest wall, and is centered along that wall. If an architectural or design element like a window splits up your longest wall, you can still position the bed off-center on that wall. You may also want to consider angling it in a corner, which will give your room more of a 360-degree feel.

In all traditional decorating cases, you want to avoid putting the bed right in front of a window. There are many reasons for this: the bed will block the natural light, which you always want to maximize in any room; having the bed against a window can create a feeling of vulnerability in the room or while you sleep; and, you may feel a cold draft from the window while you are in bed. You also don’t want your high-end luxury furniture to incur any weather damage from sitting next to open windows.

Arranging Around a Focal Point

If you are buying high end luxury furniture to place in a room that already has a stunning focal point, you can create an especially attractive set-up. Place your bed to face the special feature. For example, if you place your bed facing a wall of windows, you will wake up to a fantastic and cheerful outdoor view. If you set up your bed facing an authentic fireplace, you can “soak in the serenity,” visually as well as viscerally.

Feng Shui

Bedrooms are very important in Feng Shui because they contain the energy of “love and healing.” The first step is to meet the Feng Shui bed guidelines. “This means you have a bed with a solid headboard, good mattress and good frame height (and no storage underneath!)” High-end luxury furniture from A. Rudin is custom built and Feng Shui-friendly.

Other than that, the most important rule to follow is to place your bed in the “Feng Shui commanding position.” This means the bed is as far as possible from the door but not in line with it. You want to be able to see the door while you are in bed, but not be aligned with it. For that matter, you do not want your bed facing any doorways (bathroom, balcony, etc.)

Having a balanced energy on both sides of the bed is also very important. This means having two nightstands – but it doesn’t mean they have to match! You are free to be creative and mix/match your nightstand designs.
“Approach Feng Shui logically and practically, and, most importantly, in an empowered way.”

Adapting Small Bedrooms

If you are working with a small space, the amount of square footage you have available may dictate the placement of your bed. Interior designers recommend leaving “a minimum two-foot clearance around the exposed perimeter of a bed and at least three feet in front of sliding doors.” However, sometimes the corner of the room may be the only place for the bed. If it’s possible, try positioning the headboard diagonally across the corner so that there is walking room around the bed.

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