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Why Are Weeds So Competitive with My Plants?

Every homeowner knows that weeds are the bane of existence for your yard. Not only do they sprout up and grow so quickly, but they can also be incredibly difficult to get rid of. Without any intervention, the weeds can completely take over the yard and kill off all of your favorite plants. But the question many of our customers ask is, “Why are weeds so competitive with my plants?” What makes it so difficult to remove them and keep them away for good?

Why Are Weeds So Competitive with My Plants?

If you are tired of your yard looking like a war zone every summer, it’s time to invest in professional lawn care in Southern California. Below, our Lawscape pros will talk about what makes weeds so stubborn and highlight some of the best ways to get rid of them.

Weeds are Resilient

Weeds are seen as an invasive species because they can grow just about anywhere, in any environment, disrupting every kind of plant life. The truth is that these are just super-resilient plants, making them hardy in a variety of climates. You will often find weeds growing in locations that other plants would have a difficult time surviving in, such as between concrete cracks and in areas with extreme heat or drought. Not only are they determined to survive, but they are also willing to push other plants out of the way in order to live.

Weeds are Plentiful

Even if you pull every wed out of your lawn by hand, there is still a chance that more weeds will grow. As frustrating as this is, there is a good reason for it. Weeds spread their seeds very easily, especially in areas of high wind. It can be difficult to remove weeds, but even more difficult to track down their seeds and remove them before more sprouts show up. Weeds literally produce thousands of seeds, and the average lawn is littered with them.

How to Get Rid of Weeds Fast

Depending on the species of weed and the time of year, it can be difficult to remove weeds as fast as new ones grow. When you get in touch with your lawn care experts, you can learn more about the best methods of getting rid of weeds. Here are a few tips we suggest right away:

Get to the Weeds Early

This might be easier said than done, but one of the best ways to prevent weeds from taking over your whole lawn is to pull weeds early. As soon as you see them sprout, pull them up from their roots so they don’t have a chance to grow back.

Use Herbicides the Right Way

Several herbicide products are available to help with the management and prevention of weeds, but it’s important to apply this chemical at the exact right time. Some weeds sprout over the summer, while others appear during the fall or winter. Make sure you know when to apply your herbicide as you do not want to apply too much to your lawn.

Know Thine Enemy

Knowing the type and species of weeds growing in your garden will make it so much easier for you to get rid of them in the future. Certain species grow during certain times of the year and may be more or less resistant to the chemicals you are using to get rid of them. Just act fast, and stop the problem before it occurs!

Manage Weeds the Right Way with Lawncare Today

Get expert lawn care with weed control and more when you reach out to your local Lawnscape professionals today. It is important to jump on the problem with weeds before it gets out of hand, which will give your lawn a much better chance at survival. Live a future of weed-free gardening with Lawnscape ASAP!